Can Tiger Woods return to world No. 1 in 2020? | Morning Drive | Golf Channel

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Damon Hack has made some bold predictions in the past for Tiger Woods. His latest one… whether he thinks the 15-time major winner can return to world No. 1. #GolfChannel #TigerWoods #MorningDrive
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Can Tiger Woods return to world No. 1 in 2020? | Morning Drive | Golf Channel


kris singh says:

Tiger will be number ONE in 2020, //but thats not his goal winning the Majors is; the number 1== will come automatically, WATCH THE BIG CAT//////

Shay Orestad says:

This guy has no idea what he is talking about in regards to Tiger not caring about world ranking. What is the only thing in golf he has not obtained? An Olympic Gold Metal. He is the number 6th ranked American so he wouldn't get to the team. Also you know with the kind of competitor that he is he wants to show all the kids on tour now that idolized him growing up that he can still beat them all

Casey Munns says:

Didn’t these guys also say tiger would never win another golf tournament?

Big Al says:

The fact that it’s debatable makes me feel great things will happen, stay tuned!!

Toris Efford says:

He will always be number 1..I mean he has how many wins in his resume?..enough said

isambo400 says:

If he could play every week he would. Everyone knows who the best player is

David Sylva says:

It’s going to happen did you see him at the presidents cup he was the best out.

Paul L. Munoz says:

What's with the Hacker? It's impossible for TW to return to the top ranking given his age despite the circumstances surrounding the players in the top 5 or 10 list.

Ok, if he heads in that direction, he'll need to play a regular tourney between majors in his mature prime although he says that his body isn't what it used to be.


Tiger Woods is looking like in 2000 and will win at least 4 tournaments and 2 majors easily.

christian says:

The man is on his game I would take him over anyone rn

Rock Dog says:

The fact that Tiger Woods is even in the conversation, or even relevant with the way the field is right now is a testament to his greatness! You've got these Young Guns killing it right now and tiger is still in the conversation, will he be number one again? I doubt it, will he get to 18 majors? That's tangible

Vex Luthor says:

This robert guy has got to go…he’s so jealous of Tiger

Joe Smith says:

The world golf rankings are meaningless. Wins are what counts. And who has more than anyone else in history? ?

low says:

I dont think hes plays enough to get there. If hes wins 50% of his appearances then maybe but that a tall order.

Harzan Harzan says:

Tiger Woods No. 1 or Not still The Legends…..

Leo Chang says:

Answer is absolutely Yes.. its gonna be difficult as he has to leap frog 5 or 6 elite players themselves but, as long as Tiger is healthy, anything with golf club is possible

William Dewberry says:

Tiger Woods Will Dominate PGA Once Again For The Next 7 years. Dr. Elder, William H Dewberry, Jr. Hollywood Fl. 33023. Without the other Golfers letting him.(754)214–4047.

Joseph Hypolite says:

He won’t be as committed to as many tournaments to get to numero uno. He will concentrate on a couple majors with a chance to win one. That won’t be enough to get to number one.

bangsdagong says:

damron likes to lick hard dicks!!!


stupid topic fuck outahere let him win that bullshit you posting about is not the goal distracting like the fuckboys you are the goal is to win and beat that bear down

Jesus Robles Jr. says:

It’s Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods ya!!!

Jesus Robles Jr. says:

I think Robert is right why would he care about world #1. The number that he is focused on right now is 19, that world’s #1 he had that FORE a long freaking time just say he never gets to be #1 again but he get 19. He would in my mind go from one of the top Athletes to thee TOP ATHLETE OF ALL TIME case closed……..

Silas Leeks says:

I personally don't care where he's ranked really. Rankings don't stop you from winning tournaments. I think he's only thinking about 83 and 19. Money and rankings don't even appeal to him at this stage.

Lawrence Melasecca says:

When you soon to become All time winner, a silly yearly golf ranking is meaningless. But he'd like the title back , possible for sure.

Plus2 Golfer says:

As long as he's healthy he will always be the best in the world on any given week until he's 47-48 years old no matter his number ranking

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