1. hi there, can you help me build a set for a beginner under $500 as well ? I am so clueless when it comes to the terms and such ! Lastly, if you do reply back, what are some beginner "complete" sets you'd recommend I pick up ? I'm still waiting for the Callaway Costco set , it's still sold out!

  2. I'm building my first set i've been using the preowned sites to do it. I think i've made a good choice in irons with the callaway razr x's for 220$. Bag, putter and driver are going to cost me a good chunk of money though.

  3. Hey, I’m also a beginner and I bought iron set 3-9,P,S Wilson pro staff midsize. HiBore Monster XLS Driver, Wilson 3 wood, Wilson Harmonized Putter, Wilson bag, Longridge trolley and some accessories with 150€(165$). They look good not too worn and a bit dirty. What do you think, did I made the right choice? Thank you!

  4. As of 3/13/2023, the Golfworks website doesn't let me configure a custom club anymore. It just says "Coming Soon" and says to call them. That's a bummer…

  5. Hi, great video. Some of the shaft and grip options on The Golf Works site changed since your video. Which shaft and grippers would you suggest for STi2 irons?

  6. I bought a Top Flite XL box set about a year ago for $300, bought a slightly better putter, a cheap 56 degree and currently beating my friends that use $700 irons and $500 drivers every week.

  7. It's a great video and explaines a lot but what's about the lie angle? Buying my first set of clubs (no matter new or used) shall I go according the fitting charts or just choose standard lie as well as standard flex and length. How much lie angle does matter for a total beginner?

  8. Impressive video, thanks for this. Being a handy man and hobbyist, I actually thought of this, but didn’t realize there was a company like Golf Works. Awesome. I have a box set coming as I am getting back into golf heading into retirement. If I stay with golf, I will definitely look into building my next set of clubs. ????

  9. I like the last option haven’t thought of that plus I’m about 5’5” so it’ll be great to get some clubs for my height. Thanks for sharing

  10. Regarding Golf Works…do you still recommend getting the clubs you suggested for a starter set? Any updates? Thanks! Great video for me, at 64, getting back into the game after 30 years.

  11. If going second hand route, get a friend to start at the same time as you – buy a single set of second hand 3-SW set and make 2 half sets (3,5,7,9, SW and 4,6,8,PW). (Mizuno MX15 Buy it now £110 on ebay).Split 50:50 so £55 each person. Remove the 3 iron for now. Each can then add second hand putter (£40) and specialist wedge (£30) . I would leave the 5 wood or hybrid, and driver for now. Focus on putting…Ebay has classic ping anser putters for under £40. I would spend more on putter because this is the one area where a beginner can quickly get good with some practice. Add £15 for new putter grip and £10 headcover. Make them feel that putting is special. Total so far is £150 for named brands and quality feeling products. If they like it using this half set then add driver or 5 wood later. I currently use an old Titleist 975J and find it amazingly easy to play, easier than 460cc to control face angle and you can buy regular 10-5 degree versions for £30. New grips on the second hand clubs really refreshes them and makes them feel much cleaner and more special. That would be my additional expense.

  12. GolfWorks is very impressive. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a set of custom irons 4-GW, assembled and delivered to the door for $270 anywhere. (The standard STi2 pak) Don't know much about the True Temper Score shaft but never heard of the one that comes with the premium pak either.

  13. Great video. I never knew there were component golf club sites. I will be looking into this for my next set. I will also be looking into building a set for my son. Any chance you could go over the best options for kids? Is there options with easy change shafts for growing kids?

  14. Brilliant. I don't know if AJ(is that his moniker?) is part or not of an unspoken conspiracy to which I subscribe. What is it? The story begins around 2008 with the Financial Disaster and Tiger Woods at the bottom of his driveway with Elin (his wife of yore) pounding on his SUV with a sandwedge. (There are split schools on the latter. Some of us think she should have used a 5 or 6 iron, the other school of thought thinks she should have gone all out with his driver. 😉 The short story is Golf, the business and all, spiraled into the dumpster like nothing seen before. Until Covid and 2020, when the most used statistic measuring the business of golf.. US Rounds Played… jumped 20%. This was due to 2 types of golfers. 1) Some average avid golfers returning. 2) But more so, new golfers who wanted to get outdoors and try to "smack around a ball with implements entirely ill-suited to do it" (Winston Churchill). The unspoken conspiracy is to make it as easy and frictionless as possible for new golfers to take up the game. BTW, I have watched 4 "generations" of golfers in my time. AJ's rec for a "Split bag" has been a right of passage for beginners forever. You'll do excellent. Starting out you don't want a $3000 kit. It's embarrassing. It says you're a Cowboy who is all hat and no horse. 😉 Another great vid AJ.

  15. Great video. Wonderful explanation. I had my first set built by a friend and I loved that set. Used it for four years before moving to a set of Nikes.
    I do a lot of my own work ton my clubs these days and have built several clubs and given them to friends and family.

  16. I went on there just to mess around and made a pretty good bag (picked the KE4 heads for all but wedge and putter) Dr-4w-5hy-6-GW-SW-Putter for $720 shipping and all. This would be a great starter set for someone that really wanted to give golf a shot without having to break the bank.

  17. A little harder to acquire decent 2nd hands since COVID. Pre-covid you could get a pretty decent set of clubs for $500-600. 100% agree stay away from the box sets, they’re pretty much junk. We did component clubs from Golf Supply America out of Decatur, AL. Similar deal as Golf Smith. And for the money they’re hard to beat.

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