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PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels takes your through the COMPLETE fix your slice guide so you never need to hit that dreaded shot again!

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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First 1k comments will be put into a draw to win some fantastic prizes!

Rich Frye says:

The graphic of club face entering the ball looks like more of an open club face to me

Paul Flood says:

This is brilliant. I have been bending my left wrist the wrong way all my years golfing and no pro has ever spotted it. Striking a lovely fade now 👍

Neil Cooper says:

Never had this described and broken down so well! Just spent two weeks digesting and practicing this and gone from someone who aimed left to account for a 50-75 yd slice to now over drawing and having to dial it back. Still getting to grips with putting it all together but it’s becoming way more consistent and when I do it’s a proper send down the middle, easily 275 yds away!

Sardon Zainal says:

No more slice ..thank you

Cody Curnutte says:

I’ve only heard people teach the grip and takeaway tips. Swinging inside out feels so counter productive but we will give it a shot

Jeff says:

Spine tilt 'Keeping' equal weight distribution….is a huge miss by people… I've watched many tilt their weight back with the spine.. I incorporated the logo trick in to my setup

LoMein says:

Took me 1000 vids to find out where to actually aim to the ball! Thanks Rick!

Brad Lien says:

I’m having a hard time setting up with my right shoulder back. It’s taking my club way far back from the hall when i setup. Should I setup close to the ball?

Dennis Smith says:

Trying to get back in the game after a long, long (20 year) layoff. Thank you Rick.

Jaime Garcia says:

Thank you for all of your videos ! Liked and subscribed!

DiamondNOne 30 says:

This series might be the best on YouTube!

hussydahustla says:

You're blowing my mind Rick Shiels 🤯

Thomas Dawson says:

Question for you Rick when you mention about the back swing and rotation. Other videos I’ve watched advise to come back as straight as you can for as long as you can. But in this videos technique, the rotation isn’t straight back. Could you help to explain that? Thank you 🙂

Swoop01 G says:

Strike entry angle seems so counter-intuitive.

Andrew Hughes says:

Really like this but I have tried everything and I cannot rotate properly when doing this.

Driver just has a hex on me.

Anthony Mannion says:

A million thanks Rick, I followed these videos and have hit more consecutively straight balls in 1hour at the range than I have done in the last year!! I'll get the petition started for your knighthood 🤣

Peter Clements says:

Best description and most understandable film to correct a slice. I’m working on it 😁🏌️‍♂️

Kill says:

I hit the ball perfectly straight the first time today at the range, and then did it many more times! Thanks Rick! Fixed my swing!

Jared Rothert says:

Hey Rick…this video has helped me so stil finding myself inconsistent however..when you say to turn the ball logo to 7 on a clock i seem to hit it straight but to the right now…every once and awhile i get that perfect straight or draw shot..but not sure about that tip

AR Indy says:

Applied your 4 part "Fix Your Slice" techniques and Hit 100 Balls with driver, sliced may be 15.. Before it would have been 85 slices.. Thank You Sir.

Dorian B says:

Excellent video series! I used this info at the range today, and started hitting my drives straight. Thanks, Rick!!

AR Indy says:

I came across this video last year.. Didn't pay much attention since I was following someone else on YouTube to fix my slice… :).. No Luck. Came back and tried this on the range. First 6 shots straight which is miracle for me.. Thank You Sir for this video. I am now not afraid to hit my driver. Hoping to break 90 this week.

Andy Locke says:

No bullshit this video just cut 10 strokes off my score. watched it, went straight to the range, then played 18. I'm not even used to the new grip and swing path yet and it turned my game around. Thank you Rick.

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