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mark stanford says:

i got a strange challenge how about a wanking comp 

Bradley Alstrom says:

Longest drive using the happy Gilmore swing

mark stanford says:


mrlpjames says:

CHALLENGE TUESDAY – Obstacle, cross bar challenge from goalie box, chip
into the bin, longest putt down stairs. 

Neil Smith says:

The Par 5 Putter Challenge! One club to rule them all. From tee to cup
using only the putter, how many shots will it take?

Lachlan Robertson says:

Play left handed

freddy prodject says:

Do a putter off of the 18 th tee 

MDGolfaddict says:

Great stuff. Would not have thought you 2 could carry it that far. Just
shows you how important correct technique and swing fundamentals are

Jaclyn Petersen says:

I love your hair Andy!!

Sam Djavit says:

why do you do these videos, do you get anything out of it?

Scott Treadwell says:

You guys going to do a driver challenge with there new jet speed driver, if
you did a Taylor made driver challenge every time they made a new driver
you be doing one every week lol

christopher tharp says:

challenge: 3 wood out of a par 5 bunker

Nightfly Nick says:

Looked like big red has the swing speed edge…some of his strikes appeared
low on the face. Appeared…?

cameron bozoian says:

Do a back spin closest to the pin challenge!! 

theMANxGOLFER says:

Thanks for doing the challenge I requested. Those are some high spin
numbers. I wonder if they will ever make a driver to get your spin in the
2500 rpm range while keeping the launch at 14. Great video. Fun to watch.

Nightfly Nick says:

Looked like big red has the swing speed edge…some of his strikes appeared
low on the face. Appeared…?

KiljimKing says:

You guys didnt even break 120, tz tz tz, disappointed, gorilla james is
needed, Or Ill show you how to get 130 😛 (actually should be able to reach
that ^^) Sry.

Jayson Lee says:

thanks for making this video. now i get to see the pro’s golf club speed
with angle and distance. good drive distance.

David Jenkins says:

How about, in a line, tree – ball – pin, with the ball too close to the
tree to swing normally, meaning you have to bank the ball off the tree to
get it to the hole. Closest to the pin wins. (Could be a bit dangerous so
don’t hurt yourselves!)

shanghaimuts says:

How about straightest drive? Choose a par 4 or 5 hole, run a length of
string part way down the fairway & in a straight line. Each will have three
drives. Winner is the person with ball closest to the string. This is
common in fun tournaments.

Thumper15 says:

Great video guys!…that’s amazing carry distance!!!

Alan Mills says:

Superb video Gents

Ady Harris says:

Good fun watching !

Keith Morgan says:

I’d like to see you take a set of left handed clubs and see who can play a
par 5 the best.

Dan says:

Longest 2 or 1 iron shot

Khairul Aiman says:

invite gorilla james.. that would be interesting.. :D

Mububban23 says:

How about a flop shot from a tight lie? You must be able to find somewhere
suitable on course for that challenge.

Ray Lucas says:

Great video.. Left Handed anything

nick southworth says:

3798 spin rate with a driver?!? No wonder it went no where

James Harris says:

Closet to the pin on Par 3, one club on all the different tee boxes. So
best out of 4 most likely

Cameron Dhir says:

Light scope is terrible. Tracman is the way forward!!!! Great video though

Antony Gwynne says:

What about a comp to see who can get the most backspin from about 75 yards

Niño h says:

Love the banter gents, hilarious. Keep up the videos very entertaining and

Sgt Pepper says:

What about a skimming it over water challenge like they do in practice at
the masters, is it the 16th?

adranja says:

When does Piers get his own driver? I think it’s pretty obvious who the
SLDR is built for.

Dermot Dunne says:

Try and hit a golf ball through eachothers legs

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