Here is Julian Mellor demonstrating chip shots to driver swings in slow motion, visit if you’d like more information about the easiest swing in golf or to message him

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  1. I notice your hips are only slightly open at impact , instead of the normal 45 degrees that we see from the professionals . Your end result is great and done with seemingly little effort . Am I missing something ?

  2. I m just wondering o l mate: if u put some umf into your swing you d probably reach the great land of Australia with your drive. Hve a go like 2 see it. Unfortunately 4 me I ve been trying your relaxed method: loose. easy swing: problem is my drives r out of sight, if u know what I mean. So it s my old 55yr old style: mash the sh… out of it. Works most of the time. Ta ta

  3. Hi Julian, thanks for the great video going through from short to longer clubs. Do you bend forward more when hitting with the short clubs and wedges? I notice Brian stands quite erect for all clubs, with shoulders turning on a horizontal plane.

  4. love this julian and I have taken it on board for two weeks now. Had years of too many swing thoughts and tension leading to hooks and inconsistent release. Two observations from me so far is my distances have gone down a club which is fine, eg a gap wedge for 100yrds is now a pw and a 220yrd driver is max unless I get a huge summer bounce, that's fine for more fairways.

    My second point is on video you talked previously about not keeping head on ball or behind the ball at impact and just after and how you even recommend going with the torso early . I have found on your swing videos you do not do this on longer clubs like woods, even after impact your head is still on the ball/tee for a tad longer. If I copy this my woods are much better, going early or on impact seems to suit mid to short irons only, with longer clubs you pull them by being ahead, is this your thought as well?

    love your work , many thanks

  5. What is your club head speed with your driver? …and what shaft would you recommend?

    I'm 62 yrs old and my club head speed is 90-92 mph and I feel that I need to slow down, but don't want to have to buy a new set of shafts for my 3 woods….thanks Greg

  6. I've been watching this with interest I'm mid 60s had nearly 10 year's away from the course owing to work commitments then cancer and decided now I'm retired to start to play again so I thought take a block of lessons I actually stopped after the 3rd lesson I think most teacher's are focusing on tour pro swings these days takeaway wide club outside hands unti mid chest height turn behind the ball at least 90 degrees etc all these I found physically impossible and I nearly packed it in again then I had a thought I went to the practice field and didn't think just hit balls with my feet together an old drill from my first lessons 40 odd years ago and found I was swinging the club and hitting the ball reasonably well I stumbled on this video and noted first thing the takeaway and that the club was also across the line at top of the backswing so I watched this video time after time and set up a video trying to copy this got to say the result was very impressive when I hit balls felt loose and free without all that paralysis by analysis doubt I'll ever get back to single digits handicap but at least feel I can go out and enjoy the game again I'd recommend this video to anyone a simple way to swing the club freely

  7. Julian, it looks like the swing on the short chip is pure body rotation with the upper arms connected to the torso while the body rotates back and forth. Is that the feel you have for that shot?

  8. Julian your swing is really a thing of beauty I have been working on the points you gave me with I think good results, albeit only into a net. When I feel I am losing my feel I watch this video and it puts me back to where I need to be. Thank you for your videos and your analysis of my swing. Stay safe Sir.

  9. Great lesson I was using a diff swing and digging into the ground therefore hopping the ball. I will try this new swing with the irons and wedges and see if it works.

  10. I have put your swing onto my mobile phone. I will watch it before a round to reinforce positive mental images of what my swing should feel like! ?

  11. Good stuff. I noticed a slight forward press to initiate each swing…except the driver. Unintentional I am sure. The 6 basics are all there. Thanks!

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