Cleveland Golf 588 Forged CB Irons

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Cleveland Golf 588 Forged CB Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Its Cleveland time with Mark Crossfield, hitting the forged 588 CB irons Mark talks about the forged head, tour looks and Zip Grooves. See the 588 in amazing slow-motion with another AskGolfGuru golf equipment review.

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Hi Mark, can you review the Cleveland classic 270 driver ? Thanks

Mark Crossfield says:

yes they are very smart

Richard Gill says:

I’ve tried the 588 CB, MP-64 and J-40 CB. I found the Bridgestones to be
the most disappointing. Not particularly soft and I was losing a fair
amount of distance.

failandprevail says:

Nice to see you expanding Mark, Bridgestone please:)

Aviationlover100 says:

CG16 irons?

callamadegolf2212 says:

Could you review the mb version of this? Thanks always love your reviews!!

Sam Winstanley says:

Great review, loved the extra stuff with spin rate and workability. One
question was that shaft a bit soft for you? On the slow motion it was
flexing a lot and over 8k RPM’s, special grooves or not is wedge like spin,
when I had my last fitting I was told that about 5k rpms was optimal with a
6 iron with my launch angle which averaged at 22*, and I would guess my
swing speed is fairly similar to yours. Once in a while I still balloon a 6
iron into a good wind….

Graeme Mann says:

Tiger would probably break wal-mart clubs. There is a difference between

SuperMjc1987 says:

Can you possibly explain more about custom fitting? More like what actually
you should be getting for your money. I recently got some clubs from direct
golf an all I got for £30’s worth of custom fitting was the lie checked???
An I’ve heard similar with American Golf

Joe Morgan says:

can you review the cleveland mashie hybrid please I really love your
reviews and would like to hear your opinion on it. Thanks!

barrett bersin says:

Ever do any adams reviews?

Liam Culhane says:

nice irons

crcumsizedPANDA says:

do you reaalllyyy think that the cavity helps compared to the supposed
“harder” forged/bladed irons?

AvatarX-Mr.K- says:

Would it be possible for you to compare these grooves to the X3X Grooves in
the Nike VR Pro Blades?

J Earl says:

Could you do a comparison with the Cleveland 588 CB against the Mizuno MP53?

broodje80 says:

Mark, I do appreciate your vids; keep on the good work! However, every time
I see new clubs reviewed, you convince me these are the ones I need. Why
not make a list with your favorites; or give ’em grades in different
categories? Thanks!

foshizzelman says:

Mark what is your ball flight? Do you hit it high, mid, low. Please answer

Mark Crossfield says:

haha glad you like, these irons are nice.

FreakiZ says:

Dont know about that, I think it comes down to what each person likes the
most and what feels the best to them

AJ Meow says:

G’day Mark, what players would this club be suitable for? [handicap range]

Christian V Petersen says:

I suppose its harder shape the ball with game-imp clubs compared to blades

DeadTelevision says:

tiger could win using only a putter.

Liam Kelly says:

hi mark is there any chance of you maybe testing out any putters because im
not too sure whether you have tested any, i know they are very similar but
reviews on putters could be very useful!! 🙂 thanks

Ben Kelly says:

CG 16 irons are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian V Petersen says:

go to 1:56! – love the slowmo!!!

Mark Crossfield says:

will do

Roy Wang says:

Could anybody tell me if I can watch Ryder Cup on like the
playoffs? Thanks

Eric Early says:

I really want to thank you for all your helpful videos. I believe you have
made this mid 90’s golfer into a mid to high 80’s golfer with all of your
putting videos driving videos chipping videos ect. I really like that you
put club vs. club videos up. Im looking from going from a big fat cavity
back club to more of a thinner better looking club in the 600 dollar range
can you help me thanks.

Vanrustic says:

how does the 588CB compare to the Callaway Xhot Pro or the Taylormade
RocketBladez Tour?

itsleonshuffler says:

do something on the Rotex wedges when you get them in.

failandprevail says:

The J40 CB is the softest club I have ever hit, but it isn’t meant to be
forgiving. It’s their better player offering; Kuchar, Snedeker, and Davis
Love III all use it. I went with the Bridgestone DPC’s b/c I wanted more
forgiveness which is what Fred Couples is currently using. Don’t know if
you had a chance to give those a hit.

Richard Gill says:

I’ve heard these are very soft. Gotta know how they compare to the Mizuno
MP-64 in terms of feel. And that spin is interesting. I also wonder how
long that will last. A soft metal plus a lot of texture on the face seems
like a recipe for quick deterioration.

ZeroNadaZilch says:

How can trackman detect the rpm’s of a golf ball going 100+ mph away from
you? That’s a unbelievably high rpm. That’s the rpm of industrial rotary
tools. 8000 rpm’s nooo way. I’d guess 1500 rpm’s is max for a golf ball

Michaeltomlin97 says:

Finally CLEVELAND !!!!

bigblue1 says:

Love the videos. Keep up the good work! Would like to see a review on the
588mb if you get your hands on some. I have a set of titleist 710cb and
don’t find them that hard to hit. I would like to know your thoughts on how
much difference you think a mb iron is vs a cb players iron. I am very
interested in a mb iron and am just wondering how much a difference there
actually is. Thanks!

Mark Crossfield says:

this comment has some truth but not as simple as that. thanks for watching.

sinner7565 says:

Need some putter reviews Mark. Why should I use an iron set when I can get
a hybrid set? What do irons do that a hybrid can’t and vice versa? Thanks

MrViperXL says:

Much better content Mark in this latest iron review, thank you. Shaft type,
stiffness and distance between the two clubs would be of interest also.
1000 rpm per iron is normal range, so 7 iron ~ 7000 as others have stated.

Crusher2232 says:

Beautiful clubs feel like butter offthe face. High ball flight and soft

Joe Wiseman says:

Can you do some reviews of older stuff? There are those of us out here who
like older equipment like older Mizunos, MacGregors and Hogans! I would
especially like to see you hit an older Hogan Apex vs your beloved MP 53’S.

Bill Dudula says:

so, i play a titleist cb, and have tried my friends mizuno, nike, and
bridgestone irons that are almost identical visually. for us guys who like
the thin lines and little offset, is there much difference in performance
between irons? if possible, could you do videos of blade comparisons and
forged better player cb irons? i think doing the test on the computer would
be even more interesting than on the range.

Christian V Petersen says:

Could you do a spin-trackman-test for wedges from various brands? Im read
that miz offers different grooved for different lofts-> more spin for
chip/pitch w LW and more spin for full-GW. How would that compare to
full-swing and pitch with other brands? Say Cleveland GC or Tietlest Vookey

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