Cobra Speedzone vs. Titleist TS3 // 2020 Driver Bracket

More quarterfinal action with two top performers going head to head!

*Placement on the bracket was by random draw. The 10 drivers selected for the bracket were chosen based on whether they could be a viable option for Matt to play. Certain factors like spin profile, directional bias, left-handed ability, etc. have affected which drivers are in the bracket.

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

18 thoughts on “Cobra Speedzone vs. Titleist TS3 // 2020 Driver Bracket

  1. There's something about the Cobra drivers that cause an increased amount of spin. I have the F9 and even on good strikes I get high 2000 rpm of spin. I haven't been fitted, however. When I go I might look at a lower spinning driver like the TS3

  2. Wow I didn't see that coming! Do you think the Nemesys shaft has given the TS3 something extra? Loving the bracket so far, hard to pick a winner!?️??

  3. very interesting and I love my TS3… also keep in mind that Titleist dropped the price on the TS series of drivers, good driver more better value.

  4. I think ALL 10 tee shots should be included when calculating rankings. Nobody gets to throw away bad tee shots when playing unless you are not keeping score. This variable is the key to define what driver is most consistent and that is what most golfers are looking for to lower their scores.

  5. I really love your videos and reviews and the Bracket contest is fascinating. However I am a little puzzled as to why Matt seems only to limit the manufacturers whom we all know. Is this because some of the lesser well known companies do not give left handed options. For example companies such as ONOFF, PRGR and HONMA make great products.

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