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TITLEIST T100 IRONS – A FORGIVING PLAYERS IRON? Titleist have just released the brand new 620 range of irons including the T100, T200 and T300 range of irons. as well as the standard 620 CB and 620MB Range, some of the best players in the world have already moved into these irons including Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and many more. but the T100 range in particular are a players iron with technology to help with those bad shots. which irons are the best of the range? which irons should you buy? do you need new golf clubs? which irons are best for mid handicappers? which irons are best for beginners? lets find out… and lets do it now!


mlb shark says:

t100 are nice but unfortunatly quality of the forged metal isnt as good as the 718 ap2 so i had to revert to 718

Tim Williams says:

Why do you say low to mid handicap players surely if they are forgiving anyone could use them.

elaine freeman says:

I played the AP2 last year. Really liked them. Played the CB712s with a few sets in between the CBs and AP2s. Kept going back to the CB 712s until the AP718. Just ordered the T100s and I am hoping they are the best of both of my two favs. Thanks for your content and your feedback of the T100s.

Le Tran says:

Just got this iron today. It look beautiful. Going to Range now. Thank you for the review Titleist t100 Jame. Have a great day everyone ?

Cryptotrader says:

Play with ap2 and love the cb should I try this first ???

Vivo V9black says:

Why don't you tell what shafts you are using and what you recommend for various club head speeds.

Max Biller says:

Compared to p760s?

Tommy H says:

Mark, would have been interested to hear how they felt compared to your current Mizuno 919 Tour's, differences etc.

Mike Schroeder says:

I am in the market for new clubs as I am currently playing Titelist 802 Forged irons. There are some many clubs on the market it is tough to choose. Do I stay brand loyal or strictly by look and feel. I was fitted for the P790 last season and didn’t buy them cause I got scared cause I was hitting the 7 iron on average 191. Currently that’s my 5 iron. I was wondering if you could do something on tips for buy new irons. I don’t want to buy a 5-AW and feel like I never hit all the clubs. Benefits or strong lofted vs Traditional lofted clubs etc. thanks James


My favourite iron of all time was a set of 990 MB nearly went for the Ap2's last year but settled on the Ping 210 next year possibly the T100

Andre D Apice says:

What do you think of the Wilson D700's? Have you tested them?

ONeill Golf says:

Spieth had been using 718 AP2 before moving to the T100.

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