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J . x . P says:

They all sound so good! Just ordered a set of T – 300 ditched my ping G 710's and ordered 3 Vokey Tour Chrome finish, super excited .

Jimmie Durrant says:

I know I’m late for the party but the T200 will be my next irons. Been looking at irons lately and I keep going back to the T200. Been playing the titleist DCI forever and it’s time to upgrade.

K S says:

Still use old style blades and my PW 48 degree wedge goes 150…. Improve you grip style forget the new irons.

Rati Yadav says:

will you gift me a set

L M 63 says:

I just can't get myself to like the look of the 300s which is why I didn't want to mix my bag. I just got fitted for the 200s with the Modus 130 shafts and though I was able to game the T100, I sided with consistency over look, so I think I'll be okay with the longer T200 irons. Time will tell. Can't wait to receive them. Hope you love yours.

Ctyler93 says:

Am I too late for the free irons

swardmusic says:

What turf interaction??! ????

Conor O'Brien says:

How long did y’all wait for yalls clubs to come in? I’m guessing y’all maybe got em a little quicker cause y’all did the fitting with titleist

Michael Cahill says:

Finally found this video I’m the kid in the back lol

DJ panda says:

Did he say who won the competition

Ben Puckett says:

Mike… clean that hybrid!!!!!!

Lee Cagle says:

Nothing like a fresh set of sticks

Chris Tisdale says:

Great video fellas. I'd love to win the irons and bring my game to the next level. Keep the content comin.

Ryan V says:

⛳️ . ?️

Jeff Wendel says:

Just had my first full bag golf fitting. Really excited for the clubs to come in.

Thanks for sharing your experience in golf fittings. Love the videos. Keep up the good work.

Sizo Romero says:

I’m excited to be playing with excitleist irons!

J R says:

ugly choices, dude

jcbassfishing channel says:

loving the look on the T200 series….

Ignacio Dopaso Gonzalez says:

I loved to win a new set of irons I really need them.

2222skinny says:

Hope I win need new irons please

Wes Gaither says:

Can i have your AP3’s? In need of new set! Lmk, thanks!

Patrick Grisafi says:

man im still playing with tm burners I need the upgrade lol

Daniel Castresana says:

Playing with old Adams irons lol would be over the moon to game these.

Civicious Genx says:

One and only entry right here! That’s all I need baby!

Rosy Ahuja says:

Love you guys ,, make the best videos and would love get a set of irons ….?????

Rosy Ahuja says:

Love you guys ,, make the best videos and would love get a set of irons ….?????

Erick Bauer says:

I want the fitting please

Bruce Bettinson says:

Got a set of old AP2, fitted up-grade would be nice

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