2022-01-17 Shift-Turn (Shurn) Rhythm on Dr Kwon Golf

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Virgil Maralit says:

Would you recommend going backwards as well? Stepping backwards instead of forwards to help with forward extension? Thank you Dr. Kwon

Virgil Maralit says:

You are the best Dr. Kwon

Frank Carson says:

The new mantra from all teachers is “use the ground.” I have been trying for 3 years to “use the ground” with no success. Dr. Kwon, your teaching shows me how. Love the rope, kettlebell and all your drills. Your research and teaching will change the way golf is taught. So glad I found you and your channel. Thank you for turning your science models into transformational drills…”shift turn” is my friend. Elegant!

CJH says:

권박사님 질문이 있는데요, 케틀벨 무게는 몇킬로그램이 적당할지 여쭈어봐도 될까요?
성인 30대 남성이고 체격은 178cm/75kg 정도 됩니다

steve perry says:

dr. kwon, so you are originating the turn with the lower body and do you also key on shoulders turning?

LabGorilla says:

Practicing this movement has increased my ball speed to 152 mph and my drives are 40 yards longer. I wish that I had learned this method in my early 20s not 20 years later. However, I would recommend to anyone who is struggling to gain distance to practice how to get easy power through correct weight transition.

Jarred Badillo says:

This is a Tai Chi lesson vs. A golf lesson. Never seen the swing broken down like this

Michal Goetz says:

It resembles me that Hogan' s drill https://youtu.be/_AmPuzgBXEM

Brian B says:

How heavy is the kettle bell that you’re using?

Wally Jimenez says:

Would you please put the essential concepts and motion in a written form for us to refer to when practicing? That would be very helpful. Thank you. Also how much is a reprogram session.

Sandwah9 says:

Dr. Kwon, I really appreciate your research and work on the golf swing. Quick question: what weight kettlebell do you recommend for the exercises?

Brian Gampel says:

Thank you for this! These videos are incredible. – One aspect has confused me in trying to implement. On the actual swing, after the initial shift-turn-shift/recenter: on the downswing/finish, are we again supposed to turn and recenter off of that lead leg? Or, should the final, lead leg press off the ground be more vertical, with a finish having weight over the lead leg? (I have found myself almost falling backwards on the through swing, so must be doing something incorrectly.) Thanks!

Wayne Kumagai says:

Great stuff Dr.Kwon! From your research and looking at the best swings what’s the optimal amount of bend the upper body has from the lower body at address? Also knee bend. Thank you


What a great piece of teaching right here.

Philip Becker says:

As an amateur trying to cure my arm swing, although these drills have helped me immensely, I find that as soon as I try to up the tempo to increase clubhead speed, my old habits kick back in; I tense up and try wacking the ball. Any guidance on producing a fast swing while still shutting the arms off?

hammockmonk says:

Dr. Kwon, you provide so much service to the golf community. Thank you!

Kevin Shoemaker says:

Dr. Kwon, how heavy do you recommend the kettle bell be?

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