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In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer gives you a drill to help get your drives on the straight and narrow.

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ragnar danneskjold says:

Excellent. Too many vids on here giving you chapter and verse for 7 minutes before telling you a fix – by that time I've already downvoted and left.

Good work. More simple drills please

Tim WV says:

thank you very much for the tip…

Tim WV says:

thank you very much… easy drill and it works

Tim WV says:

thank you very much… easy drill and it works

Brad Stone says:

Did this drill and my next drive was a tight 5 yard draw. WOW!

Randall Beck says:

Wow excellent – that’s completely me off the tee.

Rochford Rob says:

Oh, wow, superb – start to finish 2:11 and crystal clear without complicated muscle memory routines, weird and wonderful set up drills and other long winded nonsense.

John T says:

Are you Martin Hall's doppleganger?

quintin felix says:

How do I fix a fade that starts straight but it ends up going to the right?

golfinguna says:


Ade Leman says:

Thanks really helped.

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