Hank Haney Driver Tip: How To Fix Your Slice

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Mark Price says:

Hank Haney getting that Callaway $$$!
Isn't it Time for Tiger to go back to him for Swing change, every 10 years or so he changes his Swing and goes back to his old coaches ie Butch, Hank

Robert Mazzarachio says:

Nice video and I have heard this before and as a lefthanded golfer when I swing toward left center I tend to hit the ball a tad late which causes not a slice but I believe it’s called a push 🤷‍♂️is this a club face issue or am I late with contact

Paul Shay says:

Placing order for Big Bertha…. complete.

Gaz Nash says:

Will this work in reverse for a left handed golfer?

SB808 says:

Sounds more like a Callaway Driver advertisement!!!

Aidan says:

for every degree ur club face is open is ten yards u lose off the tee 😂

Gunner Talk says:

Just getting back into golf after 6-8yrs of not even picking up a club went to driving range a few times & played a couple of rounds had a bad fade & started to play going wayyyyy left to counter act it, watched this last night & went to drivi n g range this morning, spent 5-10mins just swinging over the ball to warm up out of 100 balls a only hit 3-4 with a fade, unreal thank you so simple & now im dying to get on the course not dreading it 👍 coukdnt recommend high enough for any casual golfers like me who think they have to accept just having a bad fade in their game 😎👌

Charlie Moua says:

Idk why Hank Haney didn't come out with this 13 years ago when I was in high school lol. I would have done better in the playoffs. Most importantly, what he doesn't talk about that he speaks about in his other videos is the bowing of the wrist. That's another key reason why golfers slice or fade the ball because they are cuffing their wrist at the top of their back swing. Therefore, if you practice bowing the wrist at the top of your back swing, it definitely improves the club face at impact.

Royce Martin says:

This is the problem with golf today. People think they can buy a good gold game. And fraudsters like hank Haney are pumping this bullshit. If you’re slicing the ball, just go buy this anti slice driver, wow

Sionnachog says:

Time you went back to general store Mr Haney, Jed Clampett is a needin' some pig feed.

Tennis hand eye coordination says:

I saw an advertisement for him on another channel and he never gave the answer so it's wonderful to go straight to the answer here

Jeff Heikkila says:

How does Hank fix a slice? He goes right into Phil Rogers bag of tricks and teaches something Phil taught and treats it as his own. Pretty weak Hank. Even though Hank knows his golf swing, he knows exactly who came up with that technique. Have some class and give Phil a shoutout, hes probably looking down shaking his head giving God a chipping lesson.

Carol Frestel says:

Customer service sucks. Buyer be ware. Over charged me and never returns call would not order one shot slice fix.

maeu59 says:

What he’s not telling you is how to aim, that’s the secret.

Doug Kercher says:

Same tip you said was never released before selling on performance golf… no integrity

Heroslider says:

I wanna see some tracers with that driver 🤘

Wesley Guan says:

K, buying this drive can simply fix your slice! Got it!

Shane says:

why does his arm structure fall apart on the take away

Robert Bentzel says:

Why do others take 20 mins. To explain the same thing

Phillip Ismay says:

Thnks Hank, just got yr vid, I'm still using my Titanium Big Bertha 3 wood that is 25yrs old THE BEST….SMASH IT……

Grayson Lewis says:

700k views. that’s a lot of slices guys

Omar J. Reyes says:

I slice. Should I set the club angel to D?

Vlas Gilbers says:

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diliviof says:

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Puryear Eaker says:

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John Clare says:

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Hill Picon says:

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April C says:

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