In this video, Steve demonstrates how to wind up the body on plane so that the club shaft and club head automatically follow along.

Follow these tips and drills and you will start hitting your driver with more clubhead speed, distance, and straighter than every before!

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26 thoughts on “Get Your Swing On Plane EVERY TIME AUTOMATICALLY by Doing THIS!

  1. Great video. Is the golf swing flat or upright? That's the age old question, isn't it? I'm not sure if there is a correct answer because if there was, every single professional golfer would be swinging the same way. Your shaft points right of the target at the top of your backswing, which I'm sure you are aware of. But again, even though that isn't ideal, you've figured a way for you to make your swing work. What I've always recommended for every golfer is to figure out their own swing and how to make it work for them. Arnie used to say "swing YOUR swing". Great video, Steve.

  2. Finally, someone has a non-traditional golf swing philosophy. YouTube is loaded with golf videos saying the exact same thing with different words. I subscribed and have watched 3 videos. I’m excited to get back to work. Thanks!

  3. hula hoops are eight dollars now? in any case, nice use of the hh – good visual and can we say that keeping the left shoulder pointed to the ground would also accomplish same? thanks for posting Steve!

  4. Magic..thanks! I used to have an old VW bus with a big steering wheel. I think of that in relation to the hula hoop. I honestly think this drill unlocked one of the last problems with my swing…the plane. Never hit better. Appreciation.

  5. You just killed every one planer's Your method is great for a 2 planer and a 2 plane swing is more accurate because as you have shown , a 2 planer does not come off the target line as much and hence remains on the target line longer during the impact interval.
    That is the main reason Nicklaus stayed with his upright swing. For it's accuracy over a 1 plane swing. Ferris Wheel vs. Merry-go-round. Which stays on the target line longer? It's a no brainer.
    2 plane swing is also more powerful due to gravity assist. That's why the vast majority of long drive champions are 2 planers. Gravity pulls an object down 32 feet per second , every second. So after 2 seconds the object is falling at 64 feet per second etc. That's a very powerful assist if used properly

  6. How does this hoopla hoop plane reconcile with Hogan’s second plane that tilts to the right, as he explains in 5 lessons???? It seems inconsistent.

  7. Thanks for the image and idea. In order to create such a plane, obviously more side bend is needed, you seem to have a bit reverse pivot in the backswing.

    Is that ok?

  8. It's easy for guys like you to say, you just have to do this. Trust me I've tried every tip out there and have found absolutely none that have improved any part of my game. I am a 14 handicap and would like to be a 7 or better so I know how to play it's just trying these tips seem to be messing up my swing instead of helping it.

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