Golf Lesson How To Hit a 3 Wood From the Ground

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Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter!/4golfonline Mark Crossfield the internet golf professional hits a 3 wood from the deck to show you how to improve your long game from the ground. Improve your scores with better long shots into par 5's and long par 4's. How to hit a 3 wood from the ground is a free golf lesson from YouTubes golf professional.


james eadie says:

Mark good vid but lifting your left shoulder will tend for most golfers to
top the ball . . the ball is 1.7″ .. would it not be better trying to
sweep the ground . . driving your right shoulder through . . 

John says:

Certainly not going to argue with a pro who is far better than I, but I
could never hit a 3 wood off the deck until I moved it back from my left
heel to roughly two balls ahead of center. Since then I am consistently
hitting straight 200-220 yard shots. Maybe that’s just correctly for some
other body alignment issue with me, but for those topping the ball I would
suggest this.

Mark Rice says:

Mark, I’ve watched dozens of your videos, and learned TONS from you, and
have never up till now taken issue with anything you said, but after 30
years of golf I have to say I think you’re dead wrong about fairway
woods… It is a ‘sweeping’ club… meant to be played off the deck. There
actually is NO WAY to hit up on it and still contact the ball. The club
isn’t designed that way. I think if you examined your swing with TrackMan,
etc, you’d see that you’re not hitting up, but are neutral, or actually
hitting down on the ball. Many players actually scuff the turf after
striking the ball.
The design of the club is the reason it’s used on the fairway turf, and
that a driver is more difficult to hit off the deck.

Herb Gaskin says:

get out of the wind

golfingdream says:

you should hit down with everything except putter and driver…not to sure
why your saying to hit up with a three wood off the deck. Trackman and
Flightscope have showed us otherwise. But good classic video. Cool to watch
good youtubers old videos! Will enjoy doing this in a few years again to
see how far you come!

Michael Crosby says:

Good lesson Mark. Thanks for the tips.

jpatrick1967 says:

You DO NOT swing the same way as the driver. You DO NOT want to hit UP at
it like a driver. The is ON THE TEE when you hit the driver which is why
you want to hit up on it. A fairway wood you want to hit as squarely as
possible so that you dont….wait for it…TOP IT. Fairway woods are
notorious for topping the ball because idiots like this are telling you to
HIT UP at the ball. You DONT want to line the ball up with you
heel…that’s how you hit a driver. You want the ball midway between your
heel and the middle of your stance. Dont hit down on it like an iron and
dont hit UP at it like a driver. You also dont want to KILL it because you
will almost always come up on the ball and top it. Take a nice easy swing
and the ball will hit flat on the face. This is why the fairway wood,
especially the 3 wood, is one of the most difficult hits in golf. But
please, dont listen to this guy and HIT UP on the ball when it is on the
ground….you will top it 99% of the time.

Jesper Nøhr says:

+Mark Crossfield You can find a few good tips here on how to avoid topping
your 3 wood when hitting from the ground ;)

Cammy Smith says:

Any tips to stop topping my 3 wood?

FireLight275 says:

Thanks Mark, really enjoy watching your videos and golf rounds with your
friends.. Any chance you can show some of your swings in slo-mo? It would
really help to see your full swing in slow motion in some this
one.. Thanks, Cheers from Texas!

derek keefe says:

fix the windy audio lol

JayZoop says:

For me personally I make good contact when I swing flatter, no squatting
with the hips like you would a driver. I’ve seen people try to hit down on
the ball with their wood like you would an iron. I swing flatter, that’s me

Tom Stein says:

Good lesson – but if you take the time to prepare that lesson, do prepare
the microphone for being out there in the storm (that’s how it sounds)!

greg rose says:

Wow great tips Mark. Now where can i find a free wood?

Derek Plastow says:

i have the same 3 wood. it is actually a pretty good club i may have my top
once in a while but i mainly hit good shots. i would recommend it

extremepietbh says:

Mark I love your videos but you need to sort out your sound recording, the
wind is just incredibly distracting. Just pay someone a tenner to be a
boom boy for an hour, you need some wind protection.

Jahmess123 says:

cut low audio frequencies to reduce wind noise

Ryan Franicevic says:

I’m gonna have to send an invoice through for my speakers… Jokes… but
that wind noise is so easily solved at the source microphone!

Eric Early says:

Great tip as always. I also have that same club I have the matching driver
as well. Both are great clubs and yes gotta have a good lie to hit that

CJ W says:

Is there a tornado nearby?

Bruce Landry says:

Mark, You are my favorite, but the sound on this video was bad, really
bad….took away from what you were trying to communicate….a review
before posting would be suggested……thanks for the tips…

bigmaxy07 says:

Great video, but my ears!!!

Wayne Blalock says:

hit the ball and quit talking so much.

South London Golf Spy says:

Skip to 1 minute 30 seconds for any actual practical advice. 

lifeson241 says:

Thanks for the great advice! Awesome

Paul Martin says:

Great explanations why I haven’t been able to get my fifteen degree hybrid
wood air bound 

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