Distance Improving Drill!!

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Do you want to add some extra distance? Try these simple drills to get more distance.

Watch this full video πŸ‘‰: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX7ABiHh_wk

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Michael Hanson says:

That is a lot of foot/leg movement and cannot balance and stay still at the finish…

Wesley R says:

yes I think you are right! This is easily overdone…

William Julian says:

Now drive the bowling ball …lol

Edward Caldwell says:

If your (lower) back hurts when swinging full bore, you may need to strengthen your glute muscles. Also, you are potentially getting too far under the ball with your trail shoulder. This movement should not be painful if you are in at least decent shape.

mdainko says:

Pretty sure I just pulled a muscle watching this….

Jose PADILLA says:

I would throw it behind you as far as I can vs on the ground. We want to rotate all the way through so throwing behind you would be the proper feeling.

Other Worldly97 says:

Now I’ve sliced the ball into the 14th fareway

TeeCoreX says:

This is the key to powerful drive I love it

Michael Weston says:

Imagine he throws the ball right into his toe

Woody Woodpecker says:

I wanna see numbers on that. Looked like it was smuuushed.

Carl Baumeister says:

Yeah, but when he does his actual swing to hit the ball, he doesn’t extend through enough with his legs, coming out of the swing too soon.

Anthony Wilder says:

This is the swing you strive for, if you want to enjoy this sport for only 5 years!

Master Pou says:

1st tee…I'm throwing a bowling ball…

Ricardo Martinez says:

Bro did the Charles Barkley swing for a sec πŸ˜‚

Paul Milani says:

This is exactly what I’ve needed to see. Thanks for explaining this so well.

Martin G says:

just need a bowling ball steal the flag

Robert Curtis says:

Swinging that hard does me zero good

TallCoolDrink says:

Freddy and Ernie get power without looking like that.

Kyle Hyslop says:

Patrick Cantlay's new on course tee-off drill

Legion WRLD says:

I'm At Top Golf Hitting At Least Over 200 300 Balls With A Driver Just Like This Dude…
πŸ˜…It's A WorkoutπŸ˜…

Wyatt Perry says:

Start swinging a 20 pound metal tube . Then switch. That works a lot better.

Baker Vinci says:

This will work. I gotta save this

Danny Beck says:

I am 59 and can get the club up around 124 mph . I want to get it up 10 mph . Anyone that can help me I will try.

Patrick Smith says:

Played golf 45 years. This is what it does to your brain !!!!

David Moomoo says:

115 yard shank to the right

David Mahady says:

Gonna try with twenty pounds bar bell should be adequate replace bowling ball

Christopher watts says:

But was it straight

Golf Kid Vedant says:

Bro that's only gonna get you steep in the down swing

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