LONG DRIVE CHAMP'S New Training Aid, to IMPROVE your IMPACT and Distance for GOLF

This is Monte's new, VERY effective and affordable training aid

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19 thoughts on “LONG DRIVE CHAMP'S New Training Aid, to IMPROVE your IMPACT and Distance for GOLF

  1. The left shoulder popping up to early, is a result of a posterior rotation. Instead use the spine as an axial and a lever, by utilising a compound pivot, whereby the right hip slides out to the right hand side on the backswing and to the left on the downswing.
    If you use your hips as a pendulum in the golf swing it stops your head and upper body acting as a metronome.
    See Sam Snead's pivot in comparison to the modern " move your butt back and left", on the the backswing :, which will destroy your swing plane and lower spine.

  2. Ordered this training aid as hitting a ton of balls is fairly painful for me. So anything I can do that can help with ingraining a positive feel is helpful. Looking forward to working with this trainer.

  3. I have been playing for Seven years and undergone several lessons. Learning these golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) authorized me to taken a seventy-five after 2 buckets. Today, I`m more knowledgeable about grip, ball position, through swing drills, and much more golf concepts. My handicap is beginning to decrease also from 13. This guide is a plus!

  4. Hi Brendan, once again. Please could you tell me in your opinion, which golf instructor gave you the simplest way to strike the ball with great compression. I realise , you have many good friends who you have had the opportunity to have advice, so you may not want to name names. I would like to know your opinion. Thanks

  5. Hi Brendan, subscriber of yours for the last year, and love your videos. I am always looking to improve my swing, short game and putting. I play off six handicap, love to get lower. My problem is I love surfing youtube golf instruction, mainly yours. The problem is, I see a method, try it out, but two weeks later, another instructor gives a different way of producing a swing, again I try that. You have been doing this a long time, working with top instructors. They tell you to use your body in your swing, they tell you to use your hands through impact, they tell you to use this training aid to make sure your hands are ahead of your club head. All fantastic information. Do you, like me, keep changing to find the holy grail ? Would you like to have one method, believe in that, and try it for six months, and not be tempted to watch someone else with there method. I like AJ Boner, and I like Monte, you are associated with many other top instructors, please could you give me your findings in this learning curve. People who subscribe to you, love your content, but do you think there will ever be a day, you say, this is the best way for me to go forward, without peeking at another method. Thanks Brendan

  6. Have to thank again… I can finally hit good drives and started shooting low 80s vs ~90 after watching this video. +9, +11, +8 last three rounds. Had been struggling to consistently shoot 15 over par until 10 days ago…

  7. I like how Monty broke down my swing faults I know I am doing it but somehow I am miss interpreting my movements. Having the hands reach the wall before any part of the body makes sense. Then your hips clear with no effort and the arms swing through impact. Going to get one!

  8. THANK YOU so much!!!! I hit a plateau at high 80s and was struggling big time for a year until 2 weeks ago. Watched this video, light bulb went on, practiced 3 times, and finally shoot single digit yesterday (+9). This video did change my game!

  9. Excellent analogy regarding weight loss and the golf swing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you want the results you got to put the work in. As Ronnie Coleman once said “every body wanna be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight”

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