DO THIS To Create EFFORTLESS Speed In Your Swing

Does speed really ever feel effortless?? If done correctly it can and this is the feedback I have received from hundreds of golfers who have made this change and added distance to their golf game.

A poor move through the ball can make the golf swing feel like a struggle and lots of effort for no real distance, if that sounds like you this is the video you need to watch.

Do this to create effortless speed in your golf swing, and its surprising how little speed you actually need in your golf swing to create the distance that can make the game easier and more fun

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00:00 Hand Speed?
02:02 Matching Speed
03:22 Releasing Arm
04:32 Do This Drill
06:31 The Data
08:28 The Shot

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11 thoughts on “DO THIS To Create EFFORTLESS Speed In Your Swing

  1. This is quite eye opening. As someone who's never taken a golf swing lesson, it does make perfect physics sense that the speed of the inside arc is not equal to the speed of the outside arc to travel the same distance. I think I've always tried to keep my hands fast assuming I need that to develop club head speed. Thank you.

  2. Saying that the speed at the middle of the radius of the arch (hand) and the end of it (club head) is pretty much the same speed, is just showing very little knowledge about how things really work, (and how the distance increases speed )

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