Do This To Get The PERFECT Swing Path With The DRIVER

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Do This To Get The PERFECT Swing Path With The DRIVER
Alistair Davies golf UK TOP 25 Golf Coach shares with you how to achieve a neutral or inside swing path with the driver.
He also provides a great cheat to take straight to the course. This will allow you to become a better driver of the ball immediately. Driving in golf is so important to make better scores.
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Alistair has all the credentials to be the very best instructor for any golfer. It all ends right here on this channel.

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Alistair Davies Golf says:

Hit your driver from the inside every time!

Ron_Google says:

Brilliant idea or "hack" as they say these days. Thanks.

Silver Owls fans channel says:

Do you put it straight behind the ball or a few inches inside?

John Clare says:

I have been playing for Seven years and undergone a lot of lessons. Learning these golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) allowed me to taken a seventy-five after a couple of buckets. Now, I`m more knowledgeable regarding grip, ball position, through swing drills, and a lot more golf concepts. My earlier handicap is thirteen, but now I am starting to lower it. It is outstanding tutorial!.

Ravi Govenden says:

Thank You… Much need tip

sung lee says:

That's excellent driver tips
I need change my driver's swing
I clearly understand, what I need to change
👍 thank you so much

Benjamin Gonzales says:

Great video. Great visuals. Love the cheat as well. Cheers.

tony beards says:

that cheat tip is brilliant and it works. i have watched and tried hundreds of tips on the iternet this is by far the best. thanks

Jamie Robertson says:

Thanks buddy now I'm off to the range lol.

John Villano says:

1$ version of the inside approach training aid… awesome

Scott Masser says:

Will this work for irons as well?

Otis Regatoni says:

Good instruction – keeping it simple works. Great set up cheat Alister. Boom Baby.

Peter Lund says:

Great tip Alistair that Moe Norman type cheat definelty works for me cheers Peter

AllGoodThings says:

So my path is a little out to in with driver with an open club face. If i try this coming more from the inside and my face is still open ? Do I need to try close the club face somehow on the down swing ??

K Chill says:

I look forward to taking the driver out to the range and starting the swing back from the ball. Found that I am hitting longer and straighter drives with dry powder foot spray on the club face and hovering the club a little more above the ground to find a little more center up on the club face a little higher. Set up with the ball a little more near the toe with a little extension through the ball has the ball hitting more center on the club face.

Richard Skinner says:

Great video Alistair. Thank you, for sharing.

J@D W says:

I found a "cheat" that seems to work. I want contact to be slightly high on the face for launch and spin. Tee ball at normal height, and swing to take out the tee. My focus is on the point where the tee meets the ground.

Dan Hardman says:

Thanks so much Alistair! Can’t wait to try this! Video suggestion: training the right hand coming over and closing the club face (for driver obvi). Your videos are awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Warren Rooks says:

I’ve watched a lot of videos but you just may have shared the biggest tip applicable to my driver? I’ll keep you posted 🏌🏽‍♂️✌️🇨🇦

Dennis Bogus says:

I really enjoyed playing with the driver farther back I did it last week and it really help me just messing around now you gave me a better attitude about doing it thank you

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