How To Hit The Driver Better (in to out swing path)

This video will show you a drill to make the path of your driver travel from inside the target line to outside the target line. The advantage of this is??? Straighter shots and perhaps a “draw”.
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17 thoughts on “How To Hit The Driver Better (in to out swing path)

  1. Curious about your feet setup. Your feet seem open to the target line at address (iron shaft pointing to target). Are your feet open to target line at address, or just appears that way do to camera angle? Thanks. Great video, again.

  2. Great video – Nick Faldo in his training videos always refers to the importance of visuals. Even outside of golf – in his podcast with Rick Shiels he talks about his new love of cooking and following recipes using tiktok etc.
    Therefore I think as a suggestion it could be even more helpful if your shots had tracers to see the trajectory/path…. as I cant see the ball after it leaves the club and first 50yds …. cheers 'big yin'

  3. I've watched about every single video on hitting a driver on youtube, kept slicing heavy left/right ? watched this over at the practise range, laid out like u said, hit 9/10 down the fairway ?simply explained ? thank u ?????????????????????

  4. Steve, thank you for reinforcing this imporant in to out swing routine for driver, many slicers miss out this impotant fundamental..:-)

    And I appreciate when you show us in different angles, so we can visualise better.

    Steve, do we do in to out swing same for my irons and utlity wood too?..:-)

  5. I have watched many videos and tried and adjusted many things but my drives became perfect the minute I started to work my practice swing back from the target. Just like Steve said Faldo visualised it, three times back from target and than I have one back to the waist height and then I go full backswing and hit. It was like flicking a switch perfect straight shots. Still don’t totally understand why, just gets you in the right path.

  6. I’ve been dealing with a nasty hook for the past 2 months. Did a few different drills and tried out some different things to make an adjustment. Finally decided to look into my back swing and follow through. Found this video and went to the driving range right after I got off work. What a difference this has made!

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