Easy Way To Create An INSIDE OUT Swing Path

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An inside out swing path can give you straighter shots, more distance and is a key move for any golfer looking to draw the golf ball with the driver.

In this video I show you an easy way to create an inside out swing path with some easy to follow drills and techniques.

The most common issue with the driver is an outside in swing path and so this video can help the majority of golfers out there who struggle from the tee.

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Ian Taylor says:

Great explanations, can't wait to take these drills to the range! I've heard tip #1 a thousand times, but no one has ever explained WHY you would do it and what you're trying to correct regarding closing the shoulders. Really great explanations. Subbed!

Joe Reith says:

Great video mate!

Jakkris P. says:

understandable, Cheers Chris

Jeff Orton says:

Hi Chris, with the 5 o clock drill how do you marry that up to a full swing. Do you need to rotate the lower half first?

J H says:

Hi Chris. I have to say this video opens the door to understanding the proper swing and release of the golf club. No one even come close to your descriptions on u tube. I wish you all the success in the golf world…thank you!!

Andre S says:

Amazing tips! 👊🏾

T Fok says:

Great and detailed instructions, thanks 🙏

J W says:

I’m desperate. Can’t for my life start the ball right. I have a nasty pull slice lately seems I can’t fix it. Thanks for this! 😂🙏

J W says:

Hack question: Does it matter if wrists are still hinged when you “drop” the club in the slot??

Sam Reeve says:

Chris, this feels contradictory to what I’ve been taught – that the first move at the top of the downswing should be with your hips/lower body towards the target. Is that concept still correct here? Do the hips still move before the hands and arms drop?

dwayne Johnson says:

Great content👍🏻🏌🏻‍♂️

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