Does Smart Golf CREATE Lower Scores? (shot-by-shot course vlog)

My previous best at this course (Half Moon Bay – Ocean Course) was 75, but I got to thinking whether I could beat that with better course and mental prep, even though my swing is a bit temperamental right now!

And here's how it went. I've added in detailed shot planning so you can get an idea of how I'm thinking through shots and where I'm aiming (and where the ball ends up). And of course, how the score ends up.

Hope this is helpful! Please let me know with the like button, and drop me a comment with what you liked/what worked.

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Tiger's How I Play Golf:
THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. Teaches you all the stuff you would have to spend years figuring out on the course, has tons of pictures and clear explanations, and stands the test of time (I've had my copy over 20 years, and everyone I've recommended it to, loves it).

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(PS: some of the links listed are affiliate links so I might get a kickback from them, which I will then spend on golf balls that I will lose on the course and thus the circle of life continues)


00:00 Intro
01:24 Prep item 1: yardages
02:49 Prep item 2: mental checklist
03:31 Prep item 3: anticipatory items
05:51 Prep item 4: practice shots
06:17 Day of — warmup
08:00 Golf! Front 9
23:20 Golf! Back 9


I'm Manu, a full-time desk-jobber and part-time golfer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. After 23 YEARS of hacking at the ball, I finally got my act together and dropped my handicap from ~10 to ~1 in two years. [And now a plus-handicap!]

And I learned we waste a lot of time at the range trying to get better, but there are SO MANY THINGS you can do to get big results IMMEDIATELY. And so I make videos to share what I've learned and help you make the journey WAY faster (and with less frustration). Hope this is helpful!

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11 thoughts on “Does Smart Golf CREATE Lower Scores? (shot-by-shot course vlog)

  1. Finally! I’m a big fan of the content/style of your videos, and I thought maybe you gave up on YT, 3 months since your last drop! Been playing 2 years and it’s so helpful to see how a good golfer approaches the game. Keep it up! Can’t wait til the next one.

  2. Love it. Great round buddy.
    Was great to see and hear the thoughts around the course.
    Would definitely consider a portable microphone next time so we can hear more of your inner chats. haha

  3. Do you practice your short game often? Do you have any personal suggestion or a particular driving range (Bay Area) to practice pitch shots 50-100 yards?

  4. The GHIN app also has slopes for greens, so if you’re keeping a handicap you can use that as well. No 3D manipulation, but if you don’t want to spend extra money and are fine to look at the 2D heat map with arrows, that’s a good option.

  5. Great video and thanks for sharing your preparation for the round! Curious to know how many strokes preparation shaves off. Do you have an estimate for how much the preparation helps you as a good golfer?

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