14 thoughts on “Pete Cowen – How to Drill Proper Takeaway with Right Elbow Position

  1. If I straight my left arm like that I get ZERO power – if I bend the left elbow a small bit in the Backswing and in the downswing (like Hovland) I get WAY MORE POWER – guess mcilroy is more flexible in the elbow (some are some aren't) Conclusion – don't just copy mcilroy if you aren't that flexible imo. ????

  2. So many muppets in these comments, Pete is a sublime coach. I bet half these muppets don’t even try the drills, just leave shitty comments

  3. Yeah most people never feel that body swing. When you swing correctly to me and really compress and smash the ball you don’t feel the vibrations in your arms shoulders etc it’s weird to describe but you feel it in your midsection. Most people also think the swinging speed of the arms is what would generate the power. It’s why I get the rare hits on a par 3 will be 125-135 pw at my course and sometimes I’ll get it very clean flush and best hit of my life but I’ll be 30 yards past the green in the water. Done smashed a pw 160. I can’t replicate it all the time is the problem. I’ve even carried a drive 320 into the middle of a 40 foot tree would probably went 380 but I normally get the green or just short at 290, it’s weird anomaly like this but difference in us amateurs and pros is they can do that 90 percent of the time

  4. A better drill (and the one Rory uses) is to use a split hand grip. It's easier to feel how your right arm should work in order to keep things on plane.

    This drill will groove an on-plane swing with a wide open clubface.

  5. Are the driver & irons takeaway the same? As I turn away from the ball with an iron, I keep the grip closer to my rear hip than when I swing a driver with the grip farther away from my hip to get a bigger arc.

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