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I am TESTING my new HYBRID CLUB which I have custom built to use for TEEING OFF! This must be the most POWERFUL hybrid club in the WORLD!

If you're struggling for consistency with drivers and fairway woods off the tee, could this be a golf club hack that could help you?!…


oellingj says:

Enjoying the videos Gary. What shaft and head combination were used in this trial, if you dont mind me asking. Thanks

Mike Williams says:

Thanks Gaza. You help fixed a spree spot in my bag. I rather a low lofted hybrid over a 3 wood.

Tyler Lynch says:

Was this at normal hybrid length? Interesting in giving this a try!

Ryan Marschilok says:

Why wouldn't you test the Gen 5 PXG driver? I feel like no one uses PXG so when I saw Gary using the 0211 I was shocked. I use the Gen 4 and hit bombs with the thing. I want to know how the TSR drivers compare to PXG? Can someone please do a head to head??

John Dorenski says:

Ha I've gone one better Gary,if I'm struggling with the big headed driver, which sometimes I get too fast and find it hard to slow down I get my latest club out…..a smaller headed driver that cost £30 as an experiment and I treat it as a three wood and found it a godsend 😙… worth a go 🌟🎊🎉💫🥳

Adrian O'Regan says:

Is that a home setup Gary? What did you use i.e. simulator is Foresight Sports, but the enclosure, artificial grass surrounding etc.

Kym Stock says:

I tried a 16 Hybrid for this purpose and I didn't get the launch angle needed to get distance at my meagre swing speed. I would be better off using a Cleveland Hy-Wood 18 degree as a back up off the tee shot. I tried a 5 wood at 17.5 with a longer shaft ( 3 wood) and found that I went left mostly. Possibly the lie angle effect?

Mark Bean says:

confidence is shot, you was hitting it harder last year, smooth but faster. Good luck with the drive forwards

Riccardo says:

You're the expert Gary, but looking at that I'd say the frankenhybrid is no less likely to pull left under pressure than your driver. How about trying the G425 Max? It's really difficult to hit off-line even for garbage players like me. If you knew that all you had to do was waft the club in the vague direction of the ball and it would go 300 yds straight, it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy soon enough and you'd pull it out of the bag for both short par 4s and long, tight par 5s.

Ian Holmes says:

Love the video Gaz. For the last 4/5 years I have used a hybrid off the tee. Handicap down from 22 to 2.5. I have played a bit with the legend that is Sam Sharman who has tried to get me hitting a driver but always gives up once I hit the hybrid goes 225-250 most of the time

Karl Apps says:

It’s all in the head, whatever helps go for it I reckon!

David Smith says:

Sort of the same here looking at replacing my 3 wood for an adjustable hybrid around the 17 degree point

Sean Cook says:

Nice one Gaz. Put the 1 hybrid in the bag. Use it as your stock go to tee shot and bring out an optimised big dog only as needed when there are obvious benefits. Having a crack at a short par 4 or where you can open the shoulders.

Playing Bad Golf Well says:

Haven't even finished the video and already love it!!!

Brian Murray says:

That hybrid is going to be a beast in the summer.

Carl Livesey says:

Don’t forget Gaz I want first refusal on that driver pal👍

Mike Hoffman says:

Here you go Gaz… here's your answer. 2021 season I traded up with a friend and got a SIM2 max. The only thing, it had the TM issue Ventus Blue shaft in a 5 flex (5A was rating). I removed the shaft, tipped the driver a bit over an inch, between an inch and 1.5 inches and reinstalled the shaft into the adapter and kept it at that length. The A flex when looking at shaft dynamics is so close to the S flex it's nuts how similar. This is what i have done and my driver is such a great consistent club. Essentially I made myself an autoflex out of a ventus blue.

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