Don’t Get Shafted Buying Golf Clubs #shorts

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DeezNutz says:

Dont buy M2 or JPX Hot Metals irons to start

John says:

I buy to play not to resell. as long as the shaft is the same flex I use, then this comment is stupid, unless I use it to buy cheaper sets, so then thank you?

J T says:

dont go to goodwill, you'd shit yourself.

PRYVTgomerPYLE says:

The red shaft club is not a match at all. The head is from another set. Look at the black line meant to bend the loft & lie, that the other clubs do not have!

Damien Aranda says:

That looks like Dick’s but I’ve never seen a set of clubs with 1 different shaft😂😂😂

Lew says:

Why does this guy sound like a apex player I use to watch?

Rohrcock says:

just buy the matching shaft

Nico says:

im looking to buy my first set currently. I live in a small town in the midwest though so the secondhand market is really small. Really unfortunate for my broke ass.

Matt says:

How does that happen? people swap out missing clubs?

JW Steeves says:

Bullshit,, It's just a shaft..😂

Jon I says:

Lemme guess where ur at….PGA Superstore??😂

Shamial Chaudhry says:

That ain’t chrisfix that’s fhriscix

Sans Man says:

Jesus loves you God bless

Robert Hull says:

That different shaft isn't gonna make a lick of difference for the people in the market for that set. That's a fact.

Bigmender says:

Buying clubs off the rack is just dumb

Idaho Husker says:

Killing resale at $750? No wonder I don’t golf.

Devan Blank says:

Literally have never seen sets with mismatched shafts…

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