Dramatically Increase Your Clubhead Speed In One Practice Session

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sandwah9 says:

How about simply using the hands and fingers to accelerate the clubhead as fast as possible through impact, just like any other tool or stick we use? IF the clubhead is accelerating, then the clubhead can never flip past the hands… and if we accelerate to our maximum potential, we have our max speed and acceleration.

Mr Herrhagen says:

Great stuff perfect tip for me as a weekend worrior that don’t have 8 coches to drill me everyday, keep it simple thanks??

David Moore says:

May be we should play with one hand only?

Girish Kumar says:

I understand this but please upload a video how to do that with iron


Yesterday a single handicapper told me dont hit at the ball but turn your body, hands will follow


Wow great lesson

matthew critchley says:

Simple but effective. ??

Thomas Fraser says:

Always start your back swing as the pros do with the push/ turning of the handle by the lead hand which guides the club head to the top of the swing; trail hand passive. Now In order to reverse direction of the centripetal force of the club head at the top of your swing; on the downswing tug the handle hard with the lead hand as you push the handle of the club hard with the trail hand; throwing the club head even faster through to the end of your swing The opposing hands in a golf swing is the key to the golf swing. The rest of the body will sequence itself automatically.

rono8275 says:

Ohhhhh. You're advocating a hands and arms swing! Many, many, many studies have shown that the more you use larger muscles, like those in the back and legs, the more consistent your golf swing will be. Also, if the torso turns at a certain speed the club turns much faster. Read "See and Feel the Inside Move the Outside". Thanks.

James Nunn says:

hmmmm at first I thought this was different from 'the Body Swing', and what he SAYS is indeed different………BUT and I am no expert and my eyes are not a hi-speed camera, but if you look only at Greg'sBELT, you do indeed see that the WAIST(HIPS!) are indeed turning faster as he whips faster and faster with that great speed!

adri vreeke says:

Okay more speed Bud goes iT closer to the target there might be les control is this rol release so anyway i know where the speed comes from thank you

John Pfistner says:

I couldn't help not noticing at 1:05 it is demonstrated how amatuers may swing the club and takes that swing with a pause to hear the sound of a clubhead in another stall striking the ball. I was wondering what he hit, especially with follow through pause. An invisible ball perhaps? Too funny…ok, back to serious learning…(Continuing with video)…I hear you want to hear that swoosh whip sound dominately in your lead ear(RH-left ear). I do like this drill. ?

Corek BleedingHollow says:

That makes a lot of sense. Why are there all these videos emphasizing using your body, hips, legs to increase speed?

Peter Baader says:

A very useful piece of instruction! Well done!

Ken Rach says:

Hi Greg, looks like an awesome drill, I'm 58 and only 5'4 but able to hit driver about 210 to 220 carry. I've noticed I don't hit my irons as far last few years, hopefully this helps me. How long would you do this drill each day? Thanks

Speedster2707 says:

Just stumbled across your video. You just described my training session today. I accidentally did this (w/o the shaft drill). I was hitting my 6 iron an anemic 160 yards and was trying to figure out how I could get more club head speed to get more distance. My swing thought was to feel myself pulling my left (lead) arm through the shot. When I did that, it ensured that my chest lifted high at finish and I was ripping my club through the shot. I just let my arms go. My club head speed increased from about 75 to 80 mph (according to the Zepp device I was wearing). I was astonished to find my shots were landing 180+ yards out. The swing thought was all about pulling (not too much) my lead arm and just to let the club rip in the swing. It seemed like the lead arm kind of guided my shots from flying off target too much. I will continue to practice this. I may have discovered something here. …oh no…wait…you did. ??

r533bbd says:

Great tip well demonstrated. Thank you Gregor!

Joe Smith says:

You can use an aiming rod too if you don't have a spare shaft. Great tip.

Dander Spat says:

I like this …….. great idea from a guy that's been around the course a few times

Mike Weill says:

With my left or right hand I can duplicate your sound, with two hands barely any. What am I doing wrong?

Thomas Fraser says:

All well and true but regardless of how fast we swing our arms; we need to know and feel all the elements of the backswing so that we can then initiate the backswing with the one swing thought 'using our arms'. Can you show us the path to a good golf back swing? Thanks

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