Body Speed Vs. Arm Speed In The Golf Swing (Which Is More Important??)

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How would you like to generate more power in golf?! How do we gain more yards? For those looking to get distance, this video on Body Speed Vs. Arm Speed In The Golf Swing (Which Is More Important??) is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. We'll cover the difference in arm and body speed, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of our game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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22 thoughts on “Body Speed Vs. Arm Speed In The Golf Swing (Which Is More Important??)

  1. Clay, this is the best video of the golf swing ive ever seen. I used to hit with all arms like many amateurs do but realized i needed to get my body into it after watching a "scrawny guy" out drive me by 40yrds consistently. I am at a point where im firing the hips based on the knowledge that it is necessary for longer better shots.
    This particular video will help to time my waist, shoulders and arms much better.
    As always, great video. You have helped me improve my game as well as my wife's game as she is new to the game.

  2. I have know`n golf theory since i`ve started to play in 2012. But still i cant make my body do this shit 😛 i play so bad. No consistency in hit

  3. Clay…thx for the video. For us guys that are a little heavier in the mid-section right now, but have very strong hands/arms, would it make sense to initiate the downswing a bit more with the arms/uncocking wrists and let the hips/legs follow? Thx again. Go Big Blue!

  4. It's all important, and we should all be working on the thing that is hurting our sequence the most, but the arms are the primary creator of speed in the golf swing. I'm including the wrists and hands in the arms here. New players who only swing their arms intuitively get this, but as they learn what the body needs to be doing, most forget that the arms are the most important part to having a functional golf swing. Yes, you can be Jim Furyk or David Duvall and be a champion, but that is so difficult to learn, particularly if you're just a weekend warrior who learned the game later in life.

  5. When you throw a baseball in from the outfield at top speed, which is more important, the throwing arm or the rest of the body?

    It's really not a sensible question. The fact that your torso and hips and legs move will not make your arm and the ball move. But it's also true that if all you move is the arm and the ball, your throw isn't going very far. A lot of this has to do with disintegrating what is really a single complicated move by the body into a series of elements The very act of defining these ("hands" as opposed to "arms," "arms" as opposed to "body," etc.) is useful for some purposes and yet disastrously complicating and misleading in other ways.

    Aside from that, the advice here is good, particularly the idea of getting to approximately 45 degrees past impact as the point of full release. It's amazing how few people understand this — that the club is releasing, not released, at the point of impact. The simple act of changing your mindset to get oriented to swinging through the ball, rather than to it, may be old-school, but it's game-changing for a lot of people.

    The concept of staged acceleration and how the conservation of angular momentum (the slowing down of elements in the kinetic chain as force is slung outward) is also on the money here, with one caveat (not directly advocated in the video, but could be heard this way by people who don't understand the difference): Anybody who tries to drag the arms with the shoulders on the downswing is going to have a lot of trouble hitting the ball solidly from the right inside path. This has been confirmed not only by a majority of the best teachers in the world going back a hundred years or more, but also by various biomechanical studies. Shoulders are better thought of as enabling the right path and plane for free-swinging arms, with power flowing through them rather than from them. Shoulder-dominated swings are inevitably bad swings, and for the average player who hasn't learned a free-swinging motion and a high-speed release, the effort to "rotate more" with the shoulders and torso is absolutely devastating.

    There's a really good section on this idea of staged acceleration in Cochran and Stobbs' The Search for the Perfect Swing. Nothing has really improved on it in the past four and a half decades, at least in the broad outlines.

  6. I don't think we need to rotate hips before downswing. we should rotate upper body vertically first and shouldn't rotate hips consciously. If we rotate hips consciously, it will generate slice ball so often.

  7. Hi Clay. Do you have a video or making sure your downswing is in sync?
    Ive seen a lot of videos that suggest to unwind with the lower body quickly but would that not result in a stuck club?
    How do you fire with the lower body but ensure you dont get stuck?

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