DRILLS TO GAIN DISTANCE // How to Better Compress the Ball with Mac Boucher

We've previously touched on the importance of compressing the golf ball with your irons to make solid contact. In this video Mac, with the help of Ian, explains the drills he uses with golfers on the lesson tee to help gain distance, and control trajectory.

Mac and Ian also help explain how to bring the lessons learned from compressing irons to the long game and the driver to help breakdown the swing keys to hit it longer and straighter off the tee.

0:00 // Intro to Compression
2:35 // Old School “Toe Up” Swing
7:08 // Less Vs. More Compression
9:02 // Mac's Compression Drill
14:33 // Changing Club Path to hit a Draw
16:51 // Compression with a Driver

Gaining Iron Distance – Compression Part 1: https://youtu.be/w-_LhfIbCAI
Shot Shaping 101 With Mac Boucher: https://youtu.be/iUqG9HXgKZE

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

23 thoughts on “DRILLS TO GAIN DISTANCE // How to Better Compress the Ball with Mac Boucher

  1. I think that a lot of people appreciate the videos and the lessons and would love to get a similar set of videos on the woods/driver. Thanks again for the content!

  2. This is the best video you guys have done in a long time. Such a great detailed explanation of compression and the nuances of the golf swing. This is way more than a fitting channel. Truly great stuff ??

  3. the opposite of compression is a glancing hit. for max compression the face needs to be pointed exactly in the same direction as it's path. any deviation will introduce some sort of glance and put energy into spinning the ball rather than sending it. in the launch monitor world this deviation between face angle and it's path is quantified as spin loft (technically delivered/dynamic loft minus attack angle). one thing rarely talked about in compression discussions is that this spin loft is solely a measurement in the vertical plane. there is also a spin loft in the horizontal plane which results in ball curvature (technically face angle minus club path angle). the vector sum of these two spin lofts is what causes the spin axis to be off vertical for most shots.

    hopefully the math equations i put here help people understand why if you really want to maximize compression, you have to reduce delivered loft or increase your attack angle, or a combination of both –with proper instruction of course, such as those found in this video or others on the topic.

    finally, there is a thing as too much compression where the contact is so square on that too little spin is imparted and the ball flight is becomes unstable and generally becomes unpredictable while falling or in the slightest wind. because we have an atmosphere, the most optimal launch characteristics for maximum distance will need the ball to have some spin and thus the impact to have some glancing component.

  4. The hanger training aid is one of the better training aids to help understand compression. One of the few aids i can safely say is not a gimmick. Give it a try.

  5. Love these compression videos!!! I would suggest now we need another video that focus solely on club path and how to neutralize it with forward shaft leaning irons and backward/straight leaning driver. Notice how Mac’s club path changed significantly with the more compression iron shots

  6. I am loving Mac being on the channel!! But also the technical stuff Ian adds is beyond awesome!!
    I wonder if you guys would add something to this?
    If you are going to talk about hitting a stinger and lower flighted shots, would you do it maybe with different types of clubs(game improvement, players distances, etc.)
    I only ask because I think people would benefit from that with regards to lofts on a GI club compared to a blade.
    Cheers guys

  7. I also have a 9° stealth cranked down all the way, because I tee it high with a +6-7° AoA. It’s a monster! Definitely going to use Mac’s drill as a warm up for my irons, as I’m making the transition from the ol slappy swing to the squared face compression swing. It’s adding 20-30yds to my irons when I get it right!

  8. TXG are back with Mac on board and teaming up with Ian. I think this format with two people and Ian providing the technical analysis and Mac demonstrating as required is better than the 3 person panel with Ian hitting the ball and Mike and RB behind the scenes providing the insights. Ian has hit the sweet spot now

  9. feedback: Mac is an equal replacement for Matt. they both have great golfing talent and Mac doesn't appear to be too nervous in front of the camera. great vid guys! any chance of a vid on hitting an AVX; Z star & Wilson staff balls with same club and distance variation as prior vid ut mixing it up with head wind variations of say 5mph; 10mph and a howler at say 25mph to demonstrate spin, flight and distance compared to Matt's vid at zero mph…your thoughts?

  10. Great breakdown and fantastic information. I don't hear the word "compression" enough in the striking of golf balls enough I feel. I'm a proud son of a PGA pro from the 70's and 80's and my dad always had me hitting slower then progressively higher speed half irons with focus on bowing my wrist, shaft lean and feeling the shaft "bend" then "activate" through impact. When you "Squish" the ball you know it! Thank you again for such a great lesson and channel ?!

  11. When I was young and had little golf training, I had this type of swing and my irons is very consistent and long. Then when I got to 40s, I took lessons then they change my swing to toes up and flip, I lost my consistency, more lessons with different instructors, focus on beautiful swing and pose, but my swing is not consistent repeatable … it is now a mess and I am in the 60s. I missed my old swing just like Mac …

  12. Another excellent piece of explanation and execution from the team….extremely well explained and demonstrated by you both. My one issue is having the mobility to deliver enough rotation to recreate the required moves. Being an older golfer who was brought up with “old school” mechanics does however help my inability to rotate enough…I have to use my hands much more to square the face on delivery but seriously wish I could employ the techniques you show so well. As soon as Santa brings me some new hips, I’ll be doing this.
    Great stuff again guys… thank you ?

  13. I've been trying to do this for the last 4 weeks and I've been firing iron shots straight left now LOL I generally had a cupped wrist so I'm trying to make it stronger and compress it. So good that you guys are doing this when I'm doing it. Cheers

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