Trackman Tuesday: What is Smash Factor?

In golf club fittings at 2nd Swing, master club fitters use a plethora of launch monitor data, including smash factor, to help dial in golfers for the equipment that's right for their swing. But what is smash factor, and how does it impact a golfer's performance?

In this video, 2nd Swing master fitters Thomas Campbell and Jackie Johnson hit a few shots with different clubs and discuss the impact of smash factor with the help of Trackman Technology.

The first video in the Trackman Tuesday series covers golf Ball Speed.

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2 thoughts on “Trackman Tuesday: What is Smash Factor?

  1. Just got fitted for clubs last week. I am a HIGH handicap golfer, turns out, the clubs I had were just all wrong. Fitter said I had a good swing, my clubs were just the wrong length and shaft type (I by used). After using some of their clubs, he pointed out my smash factor on my Driver and 3 wood were between 1.48 and 1.51. I was hitting the ball straighter and further with the clubs they were giving me. Cant wait for my new fitted clubs to come in and see what changes it does for my game.

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