Less Effort, More Power (the key to distance in golf)

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We'd all love to hit the ball farther, but if you've ever tried to simply swing harder, you know it's a recipe for disaster.

The key to swinging faster with less effort is to create a lot of width in your golf swing.

Width (or swing radius) is simply the distance between your lead shoulder and your lead hand. The wider your swing radius, the faster the club will go… without moving your body any faster!

In today's video I'll show you an easy drill to help create the feeling of width in your golf swing. Give it a try to start getting more power and distance without swinging any faster!

17 thoughts on “Less Effort, More Power (the key to distance in golf)

  1. Hi Zach; Your impact sounds like a heavy hit. My issue is not having speed thru the impact area & beyond. Turning the club upside down & swinging shows me where the speed should be but doesn't help when I'm swinging the club normally. How do I increase speed gradually from the top thru impact without being too fast from the top. I understand the concept of using gravity & "letting the club fall" but the majority of the time, I pull down from the top. The only clubs I swing really well, with balance & timing are SW & LW, likely because I'm not thinking of how far I have to hit the ball, because it takes no effort, as with other clubs, which, as soon as I know I have to hit a shot 100 yards or more, I immediately swing harder but not faster. I stay well connected when swinging easily for short shots but if I need speed, I lose connection from trying to swing faster. Thanks for any ideas you might have.

  2. Zac, this practice move is so fantastic! I have the feeling of swinging a lot slower than i normally did before, but holy moly did i pick some distance! I do a couple of practice swing , with the drill, before every shot, in the fairway or on the tee box, and it's simply does miracle for me! Thank you so much Zac! You're the best!

  3. I have a very compact swing by design and was struggling in my last couple of rounds as it felt I was chopping at the ball. This simple drill on the range has brought my width back and swing more fluid once again. This is effective and so portable , I can use it while waiting for my partners to hit! GREAT TIP!

  4. I've worked with this and another benefit that I've found is that with the slower feeling swing, the quality of contact goes up. I'm hitting the ball a full club longer and much more consistent and straighter.

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