26 thoughts on “DRIVER HACK that actually works!

  1. Not hitting the ball to what he’s telling it does on the video is so dumb, using a callaway wrench on a taylormade driver is beyond me lmao moron

  2. Also the use of a callaway wrench on a Taylormade wood is a big no go. Since you can ruin the Taylormade drivers, since the Callaway wrench tighten it way harder, than the Taylormade wrench. But iam sure you allready knew that.

  3. Never forget –
    If you have a dodgy swing path, these adjustments will never fix your golf.
    The classic aim left for a massive slice, that’s not going away just because you adjust by -1.5 to 2 degrees upright.

    Don’t be sold…spend the 500 on swing coaching sessions. Not a new club.

    I still keep G410 in bag on an EvenFlowPrX 6.5.

    Hit the new G430 and my G410 alternate 3 shot sets for 5 sets.

    5yr old G410 carried at 304 average.
    G430 with same/similar EvenFlow shaft…carry average was 307.

    Point is – new tech is nearly always about selling their kit, not making significant improvements to amateur game.

  4. If your not hitting the ball correctly, then changing the loft sleeve isn’t going to do too much. Practice is the best way to fix your slice not this. Also lessons would help fix it also. If there’s a single person on here where this actually “fixed your slice” please by all means comment below and let me know

  5. I Never change it personally. If my swing is correct, then it should hit perfectly in the middle of the clubface every time, so no need to mess with it going more this way or that. I do that by changing my swing

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