This is why the pros hit their irons SO SOLID! #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno


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29 thoughts on “This is why the pros hit their irons SO SOLID! #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno

  1. I'm a picker or scooper. When I try to get shaft lean I shank way more often. I can get it right some times and it definitely adds over 20 yards. But it doesn't feel as consistent as my picking shot

  2. Lmao this is why i never took golf lessons lol. These guys are so confusing. I shoot low to medium 70s and i only golf once a week and i taught myself. TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS TO GET BETTER AT GOLF GO TO A RANGE AND JUST HIT BALLS. THE MORE BALLS U HIT THE BETTER U BECOME. GOING TO A RANGE 2 TIMES A WEEK FOR AN ENTIRE SUMMER TRUST ME YOUR GOLF GAME WILL BE 100 TIMES BETTER WITH NO LESSONS

  3. NO. You pivot around your spine as if it extends like a pole into the ground behind you. Dipping your shoulder is the wrong mental image and terribly inconsistent. Post up on your left leg to set your "spine pole", then rotate on that like you're winding a spring in your core. Your right leg will hold that spring tension. At the top of your backswing, use your left hip to initiate release of your core spring.

    Because everything is in reverse, your downswing sequence goes:
    Hips, core, shoulders, arms, hands, club shaft, club head, ball.

    (If your left wrist "breaks" at the top of your backswing, then a proper swing creates a slice. Practice keeping your right elbow on your core, hand stiffen your wrists)

  4. "High and far" Question, wouldn't that shaft lean hit it LOW and far? I'm far from a pro but science says otherwise unless you club up?? Great info ???

  5. The most infuriating thing about golf for me is that there’s probably a million videos of pros showing the “proper” and “most consistent” swing and every time I get paired with a stranger they have the most hideous swing on this side of the Mississippi and yet STILL manage to send it straight and far.

    Absolutely drives me bonkers.

  6. Dude I watch almost all of your golf videos and I swear man, you are the most colour coordinated golfer with your apparel. It’s pretty cool. It’s like you take pride not only in your lessons and tips but also your appearance. Good job ?

  7. Listen lads, we're not PGA pros here, most of us don't have the time or the funds to get to that level. If you want consistent irons as quickly and efficiently as possible it's very simple. 1. Focus on keep arms straight ( trail arm will hinge during back swing but the idea is to have the mindset of keeping arms straight. 2. Keep head down the entire time til contact is established. 3. Slight lead knee hinge during back swing and extension through impact.

    Nothing but crispy ball strikes every time.

  8. Thanks Eric, every once in a while I just revisit this short tip. It's really awesome. It is not easy to do, no. I'm not there. But it is part of what good golf at a lower handicap, IMO, than a 5 really begins. Notice that 'Lag' is part and parcel of this. Without the lag, you can't pull up and left because you'd hook or slice the krap out of it.

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