Drivers That Will Continue To Dominate in 2024

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In this video we looking at two of the best golf drivers of 2023 and seeing if they carry on into 2024. Many of the big brands will be launching new models in January & February like TaylorMade Callaway Cobra too name a few. The ever popular Ping G430 driver & Titleist TSR drivers carry on for another year. I put them both head to head in this video.

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24 thoughts on “Drivers That Will Continue To Dominate in 2024

  1. 430 lst in my bag. It's an absolute rocket ship out of the center. High toe don't feel the best but the ball moves. I don't hit low in the face often been when I do it is amazingly far and straight. Most incredible ball speed I've seen low in the face

  2. Dominate? Umm not that I disagree but let’s wait and see the new Ping G430 Q10, the Cobra Darkspeed, The Taylormade, and whatever Calaway brings to the table. And maybe Surixon, Muzino, Wilson?????

  3. I buy & sell golf clubs frequently. Always buy the immediately previous generation which is usually priced at 60% discount from new. Just replaced my Titleist TSi2 driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid with a Taylormade Stealth equivalent armory. I am hitting the Stealths 10% longer and arguably more accurately (as much as my 14 handicap allows). Though I still believe the carbon face Stealth is a gimmick that may not have market longevity. A friend who is a scratch golfer hits 3 large buckets of practice balls daily. Last week he blew the face off his Stealth. He's returning to a Titleist driver.

  4. I used to obsess over the latest golf clubs. I'm over it now, focusing on my swing stats are way more healthy and less expensive. Buy golf lessons not new clubs.

  5. The result in this video is identical to my findings. PING LST (and I play the same Kai'li White), such a reliably tight pattern. Titleist TSR3 can theoretically go further if I turn it over, but my spread is greater (just like Mike).

  6. I bought a Cobra Radspeed XB new and have played it two seasons. Plan on patiently waiting for the Aerojet to get discounted heavily and may get one. Tested it recently and the efficiency and stability was amazing.

  7. I went for the G430 Max, as I’d been hitting a Stealth driver inconsistently for months. It is definitely much more forgiving on off centre strikes. I am working on technique as well, to fix the swing issues though ????

  8. Tbh, clubs should be launched when there is a significant improvement in performance and/or forgiveness. I know that is idealistic…… so i would say 2-3 yrs lifecycle would be reasonable. I enjoy your tests of new vs old and often the differences seem negligible.

  9. 2 year cycle is a huge plus, nothing worse than having an old model after 6 months, although if it’s a good driver maybe having it years is a positive. I play the g430 LST. Was in a stealth which was longer but wilder. I don’t mind the looks of the ping head myself, but I much prefer looking at shots from the fairway so that forgiveness to me was most important. I love the look and sound of the Titleist, they are the best looking hands down, but like I say the look of a shot from a fairway is the main reason I’m in the ping!!

  10. You forgot one Mike – the Wilson Dynapwr drivers continue into 2024. In fact, I’d like to see you put the DP Carbon up against the Ping & Titleist. I reckon it might just surprise a few people with its performance

  11. I like what cobra do, a 1 year cycle but similar technology every 2 years. The speed zone and radspeed featured very similar technology but the radspeed had slightly better performance. It lets the golfer who want to upgrade every year do so, while allowing other golfers to hold onto to their clubs without missing out. Also cobras pricing doesn't break the bank as much as other brands but still delivers comparable if not better performance.

  12. I've got the 430 LST in the bag. I had the TSR3 in the bag earlier and really enjoyed it. I switched to the 430 for a bit more forgiveness. My bag is mostly Ping but I've also got some Titleist as well. Those are my two favorite brands.

  13. I’m still playing my Cleveland HB Turbo Driver (2019) and Ping i210 irons (2018) and will probably play them for at least another year … new equipment is just too expensive in my opinion but I certainly don’t fault others for buying new stuff if they can afford it.

  14. Picked up Paradym TD driver, 3w, 5w during their double trade in deal. I won't be getting new clubs for a bit. Had some extra budget and got fit into Titleist T100S before the T150s were announced also. I am set for a good while.

  15. I always buy the previous year driver. There is typically very little difference in drivers from year to year. For me why pay the new driver price when you can get basically the same performance from a driver that is a year old and costs a lot less. Example the Ping G430 sounds better than the G425 but the performance is the same I would buy the G425 for a lot less money.

  16. I presently play the G430 Max. I switched to this head from the G400. I picked up about 7 yards of distance and improved my accuracy. I will stay with this club next year. I was fitted for this club and because of the quality of the major companies , i do not believe there will be a big distance difference between fitted drivers.

  17. Before my purchase of the Cobra Aerojet LS purchase this July, I noticed loss of distance with the Taylor Made SIM in Year 3. I think every 2 years for Drivers to look at replacing. I would definitely recommend getting fitted. I wasnt even thinking Cobra and the numbers came out the best. The PING 430, had the 2nd best numbers for my swing

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