NO ONE is Buying these LEGENDARY Drivers Anymore…

We take a look at some of the best drivers to have ever come out and how they could help your golf bag in 2024!?

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30 thoughts on “NO ONE is Buying these LEGENDARY Drivers Anymore…

  1. Bubba was using the Ping G20 driver to win the 2012 Masters, the G25 was released February 2013. I still use the G20, can’t find anything better.

  2. I use the Paradym driver and I love it, I had the TaylorMade stealth and got rid of it after a month! switched to the Paradym and got an avg 40 yards more on my drives!

  3. Drivers and shafts for pros are not off the shelf. There is extensive customization for Pros more than we see. Head, shaft , grip, hossle, face loft, weights added or minimized etc.
    Get lessons, find your swing, invest in a quality fitting over multiple days using multiple options, keep asking for changes and go back to previous set ups for benchmarking, let the fitter complain all he wants for all the re-attaching and disassembly, and study the data.
    Usually you get what you pay for and how long you study for.
    Pause your back swing, let gravity start the swing then rip it with accuracy.
    I'm not a gifted athlete so this took me a long time to figure out.

  4. I gamed the m5 in 9 degrees and a stiff shaft for years and i am not super fast. I mean im faster than most but not up there with youtube golf guys. I dont carry it 350 every single time.

  5. Gotta say I completely agree with you about the Callaway XR16 pro I had one of them and like most of us got rid of it to try the newest "longest, most forgiving driver" that was all the hype at the moment. I Instantly regretted that decision after a few rounds, I mean sure I got what a few more yards but at the cost of how many fairways I hit during each round with my XR16 pro I'd hit around 75% of fairways compared to 45% with the new driver I couldn't even tell you what model it was because of how stupid I felt for giving up a perfectly good driver in fact my favorite most forgiving driver of all time. Now in 2024 I know better, I'd take forgiveness over a few extra yards any day of the week.

  6. Have had an M2 for 4 years and honestly have never considered changing it. Still smoking it 40 past lads who have purchased AI Smoke or G430’s

  7. I just would like to inform all the new comers here when he says a little money 3 to $400 we still have 13 more clubs to go welcome to Golf.

  8. I had a speedzone xtreme for a while until a friend broke it (definitely my fault in trusting him). Loved the driver and honestly want to get one again. it just felt so good to hit

  9. I play two different ping G5s from what 2005? They are awesome clubs really well made sound great and still fly long, no new driver for $400 for me

  10. My gamer is a G430 LST, but sometimes I get nostalgic and take out older clubs. I played an original SIM Max yesterday, along with some copper beryllium Ping Zing irons from the mid 90s. The SIM driver is still good, but the G430 is definitely better and more forgiving. I took an old Callaway Warbird out and hit about the best drive I could with it. It didn't even come close to the modern drivers. The fact that Hogan, Arnie, and Jack did what they did with those old drivers is nothing short of amazing. I don't feel like I'm sacrificing anything when I play with older irons, but I definitely feel like I am when I play older drivers.

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