DST Golf | Split Hand Drill

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Angelo C says:

This video is a treasure!

Maurice Eccles says:

Can`t wait to give this a try

Johnjoseph Barnes says:

Great advice many thanks Joe.

Ufuk Goksu says:

Great video. what about the release? Thank you

jon chadwick says:

One thing I've learned using the DST is proper grip pressure. I've noticed if it's a little soft or loose I have a harder time keeping the face square thru impact.

feetsko says:

So good!!!!

lanky386 says:

can you shape shots with this club also? or is it designed to hit the ball straight?

Drosod says:

I really like this drill. Thanks for the insights it gives. Fantastic stuff.

Wendy & Al Wemp says:

how do i order a DST club

Nop Sukkasem says:

Great drill tips

NigelThorn says:

Thank you. Amazing tip that helped my entire game!

JBoy says:

I need more instruction hitting a low fade when the dst 8i.

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