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  1. This is one way to swing a golf club but there just might be a better way. Tiger Woods discovered "the better way" back in 2000 under Butch Harmon. Tiger's Secret Swing is what propelled him to being Number One all those years. Swinging across the body and manipulating the club head will not get you to where you want to go. The swing is DOWN, DOWN, DOWN and not in any way, shape or form horizontal. You aren't pulling the club head across the body or the ground horizontally, you are smashing down while rotating your upper body back and then around through to the finish. The leading edge of the club stays parallel to your spine and the ball goes at the target every single time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo_XJL4UqKk&t=2s
    The video above explains it perfectly.

  2. i get the hammer analogy – but then you go on to say you have to have the hands way forward than from where you started – how does this translate to the hammer analogy?

  3. All your videos are so well presented and informative, the best on YouTube by far. More importantly my knowledge has improved, as has my game and ball striking. Brilliant

  4. This video is so precises and so "on point" that if you follow what he is saying your ball strike becomes solid, the follow thru is [natural and full] and the swing is simplified. This explanation has been a savior for my golf game. I cannot get over how much this has changed my game and I'm 62. Now instead of accepting mediocre golf, I am able to attack the course like a much younger player.

  5. Good content just know pressing hands opens the club.
    Be sure and grip the club correctly and aim the face of the club square to target on the line you want with the hands pressed not just square annormal address. If you don't you will push or slice.hit the ball to the right everytime your hands are leading the club head.

    Also drop right foot back away from target line 2 to 6 inches and you will never have an outside in slice swing if you swing along the direction of your thighs be cause your shoulders line up on that line also. It will be inside out and adjust club face position at impact till the ball goes where you want it too.

    Practice practice practice

  6. Played this game for years inconsistently in the low 80s and now I understand why. Huge change to consistent striking. Surprised no one has ever explained it this way before.

  7. Yes, he is correct about the shaft lean at impact but the hammer example absolutely does not apply to a golf swing. The shaft lean is a byproduct of proper shoulder, body and hip rotary leading the arm and YOU cannot artificially create the lean. If anything, it will make the impact even worst and you will very likely shank the ball and lose lots of distance. The shoulders, body and hips all have to turn first, followed by arms (all in a split second). 90% of golfers do the opposite. Better to get lessons from a decent instructor.

  8. This is an awesome video for a beginner to help get my head around the mechanics of this game.

    What are your thoughts on single-length clubs? Do you think they are a good option for beginners to start their journey with or is the jury still out on their effectiveness?

  9. It goes without saying but, doesn´t the design of the club make it obvious that you should adress the ball with forward lean, especially with short irons?…

  10. I watched this video and the longer one from DST last week and today on my second trip to the range I was real steady with a 9 iron and hit some nice hybrid18 degree as well. I am very visual and this hinge position of the shoulder and striking the ball before full extension is the real deal. Playing tomorrow at Twin Oaks CC in San Marcos… Cant wait… may have to buy the training club just to pay the guy for the great lesson.

  11. Would have been best if you started the video actually showing the club and its features and made it clear when you were using and when not, I was confused with the pic of the line on the bottom groove? is this what is on the "compressor club" or is this how one should be trying to set up with a normal club?
    My reaction is that it would cause the opposite of what you are trying to do, wouldnt the mind see that the club head is lagging and make the hands try and square up the club head earlier, given that is the fault they are already performing?
    My logic says you should be putting the curve the other way so that the only way the player can hit the ball is if their hands are well forward

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