Dustin Johnson VS. Collin Morikawa 2-Club Challenge | TaylorMade Golf

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Dustin Johnson and Collin Morikawa, COME ON DOWN! DJ and Collin are here to play a little two-club challenge on a 400-yard par-4 hole. Watch as two of the best golfer's in the world go head-to-head in this matchup (which needed a few extra challenges to settle the score).


keegz791 says:

Missing the shot tracer on this one, but still great content

Chad Vickery says:

DJ “Just checking” lol ?

Ericka fabiola Torices cruz says:

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Joe Barbour says:

Fairways that wide and I'd still miss them ?‍♂️?

Tommy Gunn says:

Funny he checked to make sure the putt was good on this

Skye Gray says:

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Matthew Bui says:

We like this

Anyone But Hillary says:

Both these guys amazing players will end their careers with many wins !!

Mayankerfa Agarwal says:

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Rand Paul says:

I'm surprised they didn't hit PW off the tee

Johnny Nonny says:

The bunker shot tho.

swiger416 says:

Judging from DJ's breathing, he's smoking cigarettes, along with tee shots.

Ardy says:

4:53 someone was hungry

Merla Mccanless says:

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Matthew Bovington says:

Gotta be the best TM vid I seen. No cringe, all authentic, wry laughs.

Myka Hunt says:

wild idea but maybe have a camera angle on the green so we can see the shots…

Marisa Bhanubandh says:

Perfect example of the amazing golf content we’re all looking for! Love the sudden death playoff towards the end too. Spices it up. Well done!!

Dylan Kirichkow says:

And people say DJ doesn't have a personality… They're clueless

Bob The Builder says:

Did DJ just hit his hybrid freaking 286 yards?

Akbar Putra says:

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Enema Bucket says:

7:17 is legendary hahaha love seeing DJ show some emotion!

john brown says:

These guys are so GOOD FOR THE GAME OF GOLF, really pure souls who LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME……….. THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING YOU………….

Dillon Croco says:

DJ talks like a robot all the time.

Danger Ranger says:

Ton of fun, but they should have made them use the hybrid out of the bunker

c4n4d4 says:

Sounds like DJ was about to say "No Imma fuckin smoke it" but remembered he was on camera. Great vid guys!

H Huber says:

We need shot tracers

Donal l says:

If you feel bad about your game after watching this, try the 7 steps to improve your ball striking @t

planetpep says:

@6:21 2 players, 8 carts

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