FAKE Titleist T200 Irons from Aliexpress – Putting these counterfeit golf clubs to the test!

Watch: 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” That Unlocks 20-30 Yards More Distance

We bought a complete set of counterfeit Titleist T200 irons on Aliexpress. In this video we'll put them to the test on the driving range. For this comparison we'll take genuine Titleist AP1 714 golf clubs (my regular playing irons). In conclusion: the fake irons are pretty nice, the quality is good, test scores too.

Difference in results in meters and mph:
Fake T200 8 iron lost on all metrics, 5.2 meter difference in avg carry, 3 meter on avg total distance and my swing speed was 3.8 mph lower on average.

Note: this is the first test and a durability test will coming soon.

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Before we go any further, let me quickly introduce myself…

My name is Eric Cogorno, and during my last 11 years as a golf teaching professional, I’ve given over 20,000 golf lessons.

And I’ve taught this “Magic Move” to every type of golfer imaginable.

In the last two weeks alone I’ve had golfers young and old fly in from California, Arizona, Spain, and even all the way from Japan to take lessons with me and learn this technique.

Watch: 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” That Unlocks 20-30 Yards More Distance

Adds 20-30 yards accurate distance

This 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” unlocks 20-30 yards more distance by leveraging a “hidden power joint” you've never heard of:

9 thoughts on “FAKE Titleist T200 Irons from Aliexpress – Putting these counterfeit golf clubs to the test!

  1. I'd be really interested in seeing one of these fake heads with a real shaft in it. From what I've gathered the shafts are flimsy and could probably be the difference in performance between the two

    I'm tempted to get a fake Ping Blueprint head and put my regular shaft in it (Dynamic Gold 120 X100) to see how far off they are from my blueprints

  2. I have some t200 irons that have a 6 digit/serial number w a letter in front. Did not register w titleist USA any chance they are still real?

  3. I’m very tempted to take a gamble on these. Did you compare the lofts? I’ve seen another video where the lofts were way out which has put me off so far

  4. Hey Eric-jan you’re a good friend of mine so I know that you put this video online and nice video bye the way I’d play now over a year whit the titleist AP2 from AliExpress why because I can’t afford to get some original titleist irons but I’ll played the AP2 over a year now and they are still great no problems at all they hit very good and no I’m not a noob my HCP is 5,5 so I know we’re I’m talking about the set cost me about €250 and I loved them

    Watch: 8-Minute "Swing Cheat" That Unlocks 20-30 Yards More Distance

  5. Nice video! I'm playing the same irons a couple of months now and had only 1 issue with a hosel that came loose. a bit of glue fixed it. Playing handicap 9.2 now with Aliexpress irons 😀

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