Ernie Els' golf swing in Slow Motion

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One of the smoothest swings in the history of golf – Ernie Els' action in slow motion is simply a thing of beauty.


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Julian Mora says:

Ernie…who Els..?

Jake D says:

this slow tempo music at first was weird but I realize its just genius. thank you Big Ernie

Scott Rackley says:

the only swing that will make you cry, bc you can't do it

Michael Carris says:

Mr Els

Let’s chat Sir


Dr. Randall Jones says:

It’s pure grace & symmetry in motion

Anthony Willis says:

All elite golfers swing their rear arm at ball.

Ghost Netnanny says:

Mr. Els and Mr. Cuples are the best..

MrBurns says:

Love his swing. The best on tour

name says:

4:39 do yourself a favor. go to the options menu on the bottom right hand of the screen that says HD and change the playback speed to 0.25

brianmcg321 says:

Ernie Els: hits drive
Cameraman: jumps out of weeds, “Surprise”

darren baker says:

Old school is the best way to swing great hands

Carlos alem says:

hola!!! la verdad imprecionante video me encanto aguardo por el nuevo video los dejo les mando besis gracias

Karl Edwidge says:

Musically splendid!

아마존 빈스윙맨 says:


RUFU5 says:

I watched it in 0.25x speed and when it finished I had a full grown beard 😆

Mike Hardwicke says:

Watched him last year here in KL. Still such a great ball-striker but his putting made me cry in sympathy. Must be so mind-destroying.

winston yong says:

Haven’t seen or heard of him for years now.

Hole Out says:

I'll watch as many of these as you make

Sash Master says:

0:50 this footage is amazing. You can see clearly how his body works thru the swing.

Rob Moore says:

Ease and grace

Paul SJ says:

Looks the same as Ernie’s swing at full speed!

Jerry Adams says:

El grande fácil, gracias. 😎⛳👍

Cameron Jinks says:

wouldnt it be great if Ernie Els had a brother named Bert Els, and they sang duets about rubber duckies in their pajamas together?

fredatemypie says:

Swing as smooth as ernie himself, what a fabulous human being .

S59 says:

Good to see how the olddies went from a draw to a more neutral club path

T BZ says:

So ‘easy’!

Bandit Baker says:

A Swing as smooth as a cashmere codpiece!

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