The SECRET Power Formula! Smash Massive Drives!

In this video, Steve demonstrates how we can actually predict clubhead speed based on a few different factors, and how you can use this formula to hit the longest drives of your life!

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, driver distance, smash factor, golf swing power, and have more FUN!

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22 thoughts on “The SECRET Power Formula! Smash Massive Drives!

  1. It’s definitely not in the top sport cars category but I’ve always had a fondness for Porches for some reason. Going to work on this. Looked at a web site last night that gave average distance for amateur golfers. It was was divided into short distance hitters, mid, and long distance hitters. Not sure if they were talking about carry or total distance but I “carry “ my irons for what they classed as long distance. I carry 160 with my 7 and 180 with my 5. But to my surprise, I fall between short and medium with my driver and woods. I occasionally carry my driver at 220 but it usually around 200. Not sure how valid the chart was but seems to me like I should be getting a bit mor millage out of my driver.

  2. Steve you made the one save all videographer hope to make when the resolution is no good. The sound is good. That saved you on this one.

  3. Very interesting video. Pretty much everything I've been working on to add speed this year adopting a lot of the Mike Austin principles like the compound pivot. I would add that there is one major element that is missing in the evaluation which is ground force. Great example is Bubba Watson. Bubba and Tony Finau average the same swing speed at 118mph but from two very different top of swing positions. I agree with your check points for potential power because obviously Tony when adding a longer swing closer to Bubbas position is much faster I would say the bigger difference is how those two players leverage those mechanics with the ground. I can absolutely guarantee if one works on the elements in this video speed will increase but to really make speed jump the last element is increasing ground force. For that I've been watching a lot of videos from Kyle Berkshire, Mike Austin, and Dr. Scott Lynn. I really need to get out for a private lesson and have you tie it all together Steve. Even though I haven't seen you in person yet at the start of the year my max ball speed was 160mph now I hit 177mph multiple times in a range session. 180 is the goal so thanks for all the help getting me closer.

  4. My calculated result predicts a club speed of 114 mph. My actual best is 85 mph. Maybe I am off a bit on some measurements; but, not enough to explain this huge gap. There must be another significant variable.

  5. Kyle burkshyer is a monster is unbelievably muscular unbelievably strong he is not talk and lanky or skinny he can probably bench twice his body weight I can’t believe you said he just a tall lanky guy that man is crazy strong

  6. This is very interesting. If you were to rank the 4 measures. Which would be the most important? Or, if I were to change one at a time, what would be first? Suspect there’s a video for that forthcoming. Cheers

  7. I agree with TS .. how fast are the twitch muscles? I could get my old ford fairlane up to 115 mph on a 1 miles straight-a-way .. don't tell mom! (sigh .. i wish she was here to yell at me.) Like the formula — also it points out .. that I may already be at my max speed and distance with my t-rex arms and aging joints. 🙂 thanks for the input steve .. i can quit suffering after that extra distance now.

  8. Went to the shop with Trackman to check on a possible driver change.
    Without really expecting it……..
    SP up from 93 to 96
    BS up from 133 to 140
    AOA up from 2* to 5*
    Efficiency hovering around 1.44 as high as 1.51
    Thank you Steve
    Look on salesperson’s face

  9. The car would have to be an Aston Martin, Love the way you put things across & can't wait to find out my numbers tomorrow,
    Thanks alot, Can't wait for your next video,
    Regards Trevor (UK)..?

  10. The geeky scientist in me absolutely loves this, Steve! Great formula. I guess the unmeasurable value is the speed that the body can move, or how fast twitch the muscles are.

  11. Been watching you since I started golf 12 years ago. Back then the Austin methodology was like snake oil. You’ve been able to break it down for the layman better than anyone. Shauger and Dunaway were confusing. Mike was making a living out his instruction and I firmly believe you can’t teach the swing through positions. Mental imagery however works. Just throw.

  12. Souped up 57 Chevy. Been working on shoulder turn with a tool called the greatest stretch in golf.
    I am a senior and it does help. Stretching exercises also.

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