Should I Slow My Swing Down? Myth Explained

Should you slow down your swing? Here's the answer…
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There's a common question I get asked: “Should I slow my swing down, because I feel like I hit it better when I slow it down.”

And the funny part about that is, there's really not that much difference in club head speed when we measure it on TrackMan.

So, the perception of club head speed is mostly predicated on your balance. When we're in balance, we can swing hard and fast, and everything feels really good, and you can go at it as hard as you want, and you're becoming efficient.

And especially efficient swings can be going as fast as they can without feeling like they're losing balance and losing their club head speed. And so, when people come into my bay or into my teaching studio and they ask, “Hey, I feel like I hit it better when I slow down,” it's like, “Well, really, you're off balance, and when you're off balance, the club head speed that you're swinging with starts to feel like you're out of control.”

So, what we need to do is find what I call your speed limit, which is predicated on your balance. So, if we can find the right speed limit where you can feel like you can swing as hard as you can in balance, that's the speed we want to go to.

And then, to top that off is, we usually see that slower swing issue when we try and shorten up our shots to where we try and hit that three-quarter shot or the half shot, or we're working with our wedges and we overswing a little bit and slow down into impact.

Those are all common flaws I see on a regular basis, and so what I like my players to think about is, I like them to be aggressive always.

I love giving my players nuggets where they can feel like they can swing at it as hard as they can and never lose balance, but always have the ability to hit it as straight and as far as they possibly can.

And so, if you feel like you're playing protective golf and you have to slow down to hit it solid, my bet is, you're off balance.

So, in this video I'll show you what actually has to happen in balance.

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