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EVERYONE SHOULD HIT THESE IRONS! TITLEIST 620MB REVIEW in 2019 Titleist have released their new range of irons, the 620 irons, including the 620 MB, 620 CB, T100, T200 AND T300 irons, titleist have covered pretty much every base when it comes to ability level for golfers, from the beginner, to the mid handicap, right into the tour pro, are these the best irons for low handicap goflers?. it has to be said that these mb irons could be the best looking golf club I've ever seen. but should you play blades? can you play blades? can a mid handicapper use blades? in this video I test the new titleist 620 mb irons and see if I could put them in my bag… I strongly feel everyone should try these irons… lets do it… and lets do it now!


Gaming Cow says:

I’m 16 I have a 13 handicap and I use 1980 Wilson staff tour blades and I want these SO BADDDDD

Jean Dupont says:

I just hit the 4 iron and I agree with you. I hit them in front of 5 players doing nothing but look at me. The head was tiny, pressure at its maximum. I concentrated and didn't allow for failure. I ended up hitting my best shot of the day. They asked me to do it again. I hit it great a second time. Couldn't believe it. Walked off the course elated. I had earned my bragging rights. I think oddly enough those irons help rise a player's expectations and… performance ??

Jean Dupont says:

You should use a microphone that is attached to you.

mike carver says:

These are my dream clubs!!!

e99783 says:

This was your best review.

M M says:

what's the name of the song at the intro?

swardmusic says:

"consistently, all the time" ?

Marc Van der Bilt says:

They look beautiful!

Gerdon Karakosta says:

They look a lot like Mizuno mp4 irons, just not as shiny.

tom says:

beautiful clubs

Dustin says:

So I was given a set of 716 MBs 3-pw as a gift. I am a decent golfer that usually shoots a 74-79. I am not good enough to use these clubs but I want to be. So I decided to put them in the bag and practice with them. I feel like these clubs are going to tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can fix it. GI irons do help you play better but they help hide or mask your swing flaws. I figure it won't hurt to give them a try and if I can't improve enough to consistently hit them well then I can just put my M1s back in the bag. Wish me luck.

Jim Johnson says:

Just ordered a set after hitting them against Mizuno MP20. Been a Mizuno player for 30 years, but these got me to switch.

gillyman 715 says:

Blades are not that scary, you take an adverage golfer and make them play blades for a couple months I guarantee there ball striking will improve ten fold. First month I had blades I hated them now I wouldn't trade them for anything.

majorsmythe1 says:

REAL irons. Look great, and feel great ! If you have a repeatable swing, you will like them.

carry k says:

getting these to torture myself

Anthony James says:

You need to do on course testing with the tracer

smudge10 says:

There nice but the ping blueprint are my personal favourite

mat tisdale says:

I don’t like the looks, looks like all other blades, add some thing unique

Kevin Barclay says:

they look great. One problem cost to much.
I would love a fitting.

Nate Ross says:

TMB looks way better.

Jeff Aljoe says:

How much more difficult are these to hit than CB’s

Duffy Moon says:

Try a set of Miura blades mate.

Paul O'Neil says:

Cold day, cold golf ball, 200 carry over water to tucked flag on the 18th with everyone in the clubhouse watching. What club do you pull?
– Bladed 4 iron
– Callaway Epic Forged 7 iron

Frank Trierweiler says:

Hi James, love you videos but have a constructive idea. When you hit the club it makes a great sound! (Most of the time ?) But after it hits the canvas it falls on floor it makes an awful sound. (Clunk) Maybe you can put something on the floor to eliminate or soften the sound. Just a thought! ?‍♂️

David Maxfield says:

Another great video! Your mizunos must be special to stay in the bag when you get to try so many amazing clubs

Linus Fuchs says:

Hey im relatively new to Golf. I have been playing for around a year now and i reached hc 30, currently on my way under 26. I was looking for new Clubs and i was wondering if these irons would be an option or if they are too good for me. Can you help me ?

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