Getting Fit For The TaylorMade SIM 2 | SIM vs SIM 2 Comparison

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Come with me to Taylor Made Canada HQ as I go through a custom fitting process with SIM 2 and see if it's a marked improvement from last year's SIM. SIM 2 has been labelled one of the best drivers of 2021… BUT I love my SIM so it will take a lot to impress me and make me change drivers. I'm hoping to see a longer and straighter driver in the SIM 2.

If you are in the GTA and want the Taylor Made fitting experience like this, click the link below to book your appointment

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Adam Lesniewski says:

Awesome video! I'm going for a fitting at TM HQ on Monday for new irons. First time I've ever been fitted and first time buying new irons in 12 years. Can't wait!

Baba Yaga says:

LOL. 17 yard difference between the SIM vs SIM2? Yeah right. A fair comparison would have been the SIM vs SIM2 with the same Ventus Black shaft. This is simply a TM player who was walking out with a SIM2 regardless of the results and is trying to influence watchers to buy the SIM2.

Austin Grezeszak says:

Can I get that old sim head? By any chance

Par Down says:

Love watching fitting videos!

You’re in Toronto, time for a TXG collab ?

Alec Feltman says:

Time for fairway my dude

LT The Kat says:

Another great video

Matt Correa says:

Does Taylormade give you clubs or just discount them for you? Honestly curious how it all works. I know the top tier guys get them for free but social media guys, how does it work?

reprisal3 says:

I'm just gonna justify my terrible driving on poor equipment and no fitting in a lab. With the right club and fit, I would be bombing them all 310 and straight. (I'm just gonna tell myself that.)

Welco says:

seems the best of the year, but a silly waste of money for basically anyone. Bought custom ST200 for HALF the price

Christopher Yu says:

didn't throw the ventus black into the original SIM?

The Golf Giveaway says:

No one gonna mention how he center lined the first one like a boss lol

David Harendt says:

Amazing video!! Love the information on the club fitting! Dream job!!!

Look Kool says:

That’s pretty cool that they will make your club for you while you wait. Can you actually take it out and game it after it’s made, or do you have to wait 24 hours for the epoxy to cure?

Nick Chiodini says:

If you’re in Toronto why don’t you hook up with the TXG guys?

Markus Bereflod says:

Would you do a video with the Ventus black in the OG SIM?

Jay Rode says:

Thanks for the fitting experience..Good luck this season

Paul Kenney says:

Coastal Players Tour Local Mini Tour season opener in 3 weeks. Can't wait. Looking forward to get a taste of a competitive environment. They say you need to play with better golfers to get better.

Loki the Cat says:

Joined your Whoop. Let's gooooooooooooooo

Joshua Blaha says:

Great video and driver definitely glad I got one you’ll love it

Duke K says:

I thought the border was still closed?

Kirk Williams says:

Congrats on your fit and getting what you want out of your game!

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