MOST FORGIVING Fairway Woods 2023

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20 thoughts on “MOST FORGIVING Fairway Woods 2023

  1. What were the lofts of 7 woods you used? The ones that I've seen online seem like they're all around 20 degrees which seems more like a 5 wood to me. I've always used the 10-15-20 rule of thumb for driver-3W-5W but maybe that's out of date these days? Anyway, I found a 20 year old Sonartec 7W with 24 degrees of loft (modern day 9W?) and it's become my favorite club in my bag. It feels as comfortable as hitting a 7 iron that goes 180-190 for me (50 years old, average swing speed). It has replaced my 3i and slots in nicely with my 10-15-20 driver-3W-5W setup.

  2. So, greetings from America! Big fan of the channel.
    I watch lots of your vids. I watched this and the ditch your 3 wood vid from earlier in the year, or even last year.
    The issue I'm seeing is 7w, 5w, and 3w are basically CARRYING THE SAME DISTANCE, +or – 5 yrds….this should not be the case…Each club gets Longer and lower lofted 7-3w

  3. I’ve tried them all recently. 2 of those I was disappointed with was the paradym and the stealth have a non adjustable sleeve. So as l have PXG gen 5 irons I’m choosing that.

  4. I am not surprised that the Stealth was longest. However,,,,,,and this is a big however. Ping woods have always been more forgiving and easier to take the ball off the ground for me. I love Woods in general and wether we are talking 3, 5, 7 or 9 Wood the Ping clubs have always been easier for me to hit. So my Ping woods at present are a mix of G 425 and G 430. For me it doesn't get any better than that! Nicely done Andy !!!!!! 7 Woods are awesome !!!! I use mine all the time. Currently a Ping G 425 Max

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