TaylorMade M6 Irons Review

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Matt Rogers says:

M6 are hard to find in a grafite shaft?

Benjamin Stein says:

What clubs come in the combo

The Brian & Tina Show says:

Just tried the M6 today. Hit 7 iron straight at 160 on first try!! Hit rest of the irons all same straight results!? Bought them right there. Just waiting on my sims driver!.

Michael Reburn says:

Love 'em. These are great irons for me (15 hcp); starting my second season with this set. Cheaper now since they're last years model. But they're jacked: 7 iron is 28.5 degrees….. so yeah you can hit it farther. Despite this, they really hold the greens well.

tat 22020 says:

Yeah that 7 iron is your 6 iron. There's the 10 yds. Same loft as 6 iron. Distance clubs just a gimmick

ScratchGolfer0 says:

Great review! Waiting for mine in the mail!

Zhongkhue Cha says:

Great review info! Is there a rubber dampener behind the face of the M6 iron head? If any what is it like? Taylormade says that without the rubber dampener could be a knock off. Please advise. Thanks.

cka527 says:

Play 8-9-P-A-S can I use 9 iron length and lie for every club – Swingweight on PAS my only concern your thoughts

TallCoolDrink says:

Ugly looking irons.
"Speed bridge'….."technology" isn't new at all. The old Top-Flite Pro-Grind irons used to have them.

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