First look: TaylorMade P730 irons

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Irons designed specifically for three of the world's best players. So who fancies their chances with the P730?

We got a first look at the TaylorMade P730 irons down at the brand’s European HQ in Basingstoke.

These irons have effectively been in Rory McIlroy’s bag ever since he signed for the brand and made his debut at The Players Championship.

They are labelled the Rors Proto but are effectively a version of the P730 which are now being released to the general public.

We later saw Justin Rose putting his Rose Proto irons into play which are another version the P730 but this time we saw more of a chrome finish.

Then more recently we have seen TaylorMade tour technicians getting Dustin Johnson fitted into the P730.

DJ has been using the Tour Preferred MB for some time now but we’ll be keeping an eye out for them appearing as we head towards the end of the 2017 season.

The P730 that DJ will use will be the exact same ones available in the pro shops.

TaylorMade P730 irons – First impressions

These are irons that have been designed for three of the world’s best players.

So why are they being released to the general public?

Well, as soon as these irons were seen on tour, the enquiries started as to when they would be available to buy.

Some players just want that pure bladed look, forged feel and workability. And these irons do look incredibly slick.

And we know that club golfers want to use the same gear tour pros are using. Why do you think the TaylorMade Spider Tour Red putter has been such a success?

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TaylorMade P730 irons – The technology

It’s all about the right look, feel and being able to work the ball.

The moment of inertia (MOI, resistance to twisting) will be very low on these clubs because players want to be able to work the ball both ways easily.

That’s not going to happen with a club face that just wants to move in one direction.

TaylorMade wanted to retain the features of the Tour Preferred MB – sole camber, offset flow, sole radius and hosel length.

The overall blade profile is slightly smaller with cleaner and crisper lines, particularly in the 7-8-9 irons.

The leading edge profile was also tweaked to improve turf interaction across the set.

TaylorMade P730 irons – NCG verdict

We don’t think there’s much point in a mid handicapper hitting these irons and then commenting about the lack of forgiveness.

These irons are aimed at a very small section of the market – absolute blade purists and proper ball strikers.

It will be interesting to see if TaylorMade can steal any ground in this marketplace as the new Mizuno MP-18 have been very well received so far.

TaylorMade don’t quite have the heritage in classic blades in the way Mizuno do but Mizuno don’t have as many high profile tour players gaming the MP-18.

We will be putting these two irons head to head in the near future to see how the sound, feel and workability levels compare.


Available: November

Set: Available 3-PW

SRP: Seven irons £1,049

More information can be found on the TaylorMade website.

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genki007 says:

Heh…….would love to come play your course but I live in Hawaii. May be one day I'll get to England. Long flight though. 🙂

dpardo74 says:

I have recently found an old set if macgrrgors at the pawn shop that I will have regripoed. I will learn to shape my shots.when I have dropped my handicap to four or below, I promised myself a new set of Mizuno blades. After I dropoed from 36 to 16 I bought an entire set of coverts 2.0; driver to sw and a nike putter

Zach Hart says:

I'm 15 a 4 handicap. Would you think these could be a good fit

Evan Patel says:

Left handed?

James Smith says:

Does not compare to the mb716 irons good attempt but made for pro's are paid to play them. For me the mb716 irons are the very best for 5 or better handicap. OK

David Swanson says:

I currently use TaylorMade MB irons (2014), however I think they could be getting replaced soon after seeing these!! ?

Rich C says:

Looks just like the mp18s

Greg Chin says:

I've been waiting for TM to finally bring back the MBs. Will def give these a try.

tommart123 says:

Certainly way more up my street than the 790, just too rich for my blood. Much less expensive offerings on the market that give you every bit as much performance, feel and enjoyment. Never the less, I'm sure many people will buy and love these clubs.

Brett Cupps says:

In the 1970's we grew up with blades. The sooner you have blades in your hands the better you'll be. You'll learn shotmaking, rhythm, and precision. You don't have to be on TV to believe you are worthy to use them.

Scott Glennie says:

Look really nice but I'm going to wait and see if Callaway release their new MB irons soon??

Ben Cranley says:

"Why wouldn't you want to use the same clubs as Rory Mcilroy" That'll be because none of us can hit it anywhere near as well as him..

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