The Ultimate Guide to Crushing Drives: Increase Distance and Accuracy with These Pro Tips

In this video we discuss fundamentals on how to hit your driver STRAIGHT dave our pga pro shows us in our golf lesson series how to build a golf swing


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Hello! I’m Liam the Peoples Golfer. I started this YouTube channel to improve your golf game and to bring golfers together in a community.

My main focus is to create relatable and funny golf content while helping to improve the golf game of the average golfer! I also like to explore the Best Golf Courses around the world and Golf Courses Near Me!

I want to help Lower Your Handicap by sharing Golf Tips that help to Fix Your Slice, Fix your Hook and hit Longer Golf Shots! My channel features PGA Pro Lessons on how to Strike Your Irons Better, How to hit Long Distance Irons, Approach Shots and how to Draw or Fade your Golf Shot to get it Closer To The Hole. The Golfing Legend OMP shares Expert Golf Advice on Course Management, Chipping Perfectly and getting More Spin without thinning or duffing the shot. Top Golf tips on Golf Club choice and Golf Shot type. I also share lessons on How to Putt Better and how to Improve Putting Accuracy.

I like to keep my content Fun, Friendly and Informative. I will test Golf Clubs and Golf Training Aids that people are interested in and provide a real, honest and accurate review of their performance. For entertainment purposes I try out Golf Accessories and Golf Products and see if they can improve my performance or if they are in fact just a ‘Fad’.

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26 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Crushing Drives: Increase Distance and Accuracy with These Pro Tips

  1. The reason you slice is because you throw at the top and come out to in with an open clubface. The easiest way to fix this is to strengthen the grip so the clubface is square to the out to in swingpath. That will of course cause you to hit it straight left. After a few straight pulls left on the range, aim RIGHT. That will square up your swingpath and with the improved grip square up ball flight. Yes, you are still hitting a pull but because you aim right, the pull goes straight. The beaty of this, is you make just 2 changes at set up…1. aim right…2. Tweak the grip. Then let the swing go where it wants to go…straight.

  2. Shotscope iwant my football club ,ha ha . Great video as ever Liam that was a huge lead and you had some wayward shots , but chipping was back to normal . Think with that lead got into Graham's head he's played better than this match . Keep safe and well golfmates

  3. Simon all the best on your new adventure, it was a pleasure and an honour just to watch you play never mind the the amazing sense of humour and I hope to see you on the channel again some day, take care and respect ?

  4. Like a week ago I was hitting 320+ yards and slicing was my problem, now my ball is nose diving and going 80 yards and even when I hit it center face. No idea what changed please help!

  5. I have to strongly disagree, Aiming left if you are a consistent slicer does not mean you will slice further right! Why would you say that. Absolute bullshit.

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