Flat Left Wrist Golf Backswing: Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA Pro

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The flat left wrist golf backswing is the second video of a 3-part online video golf lesson series on grip, wrist position and release from Herman Williams, PGA Professional. This video golf lesson explains the proper wrist hinge at the top of the backswing. A flat wrist, cupped wrist and bowed wrist are defined with a decided preference towards the flat wrist for simplicity. With the proper grip and proper wrist hinge, it is easier to keep the club shaft, clubface and lead arm all in plane for a simple downswing and successful release of the clubhead.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFmTgXS_DHQ

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The flat left wrist may help cure:
-Slicing golf shots
-Coming over the top
-Swinging off plane
-Scooping at impact
-Blocking golf shots
-Shanking golf shots

28 thoughts on “Flat Left Wrist Golf Backswing: Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA Pro

  1. Herman, very helpful video. In terms of the left forearm rotating first
    and then both forearms crossing over – are you saying to let your left
    forearm rotate freely and both forearms crossover as you swing through
    (because of the clubhead’s weight) or actually force your left forearm to
    rotate and then force your right arm to crossover? Thanks!

  2. Herman, this is an excellent video lesson. Beautifully communicated with
    great visuals. It answered my exact question as to why I can’t seem to
    achieve a flat left wrist at the top of my backswing. Of all the lessons
    I’ve had, including one where the instructor focused on my left wrist, not
    once has anyone commented on my grip. I apparently need to weaken my left
    hand somewhat to get rid of the cup at the top. My hope is that this
    change will help me slow down my release and quit hitting low hooks. My
    divots should be illuminating. Many thanks for a great lesson! 

  3. I have been hermonized,II Applied all three lessons over the past week.
    Just terrific, I actually know where my club head is now thanks to the
    neutral non interlocking grip change, the holding plates like a waiter, the
    frickin trigger release with my right hand is the bomb! Slice gone,
    distance up, I am all over the second shot brother.

  4. Why do you promote a 10 finger grip when no pro but two gloves gainey uses
    that grip? Two best players of all time interlock…please explain

  5. The two best golfers of all time Jack Nicklaus & Tiger Woods use interlock,
    the best golfer of the next couple of decades in Rory McIlroy uses
    interlock, and last but not least I also interlock.. Helpful video aside
    from that part..

  6. @leftofseinfeld Interlock is a great grip if you know what you’re doing.
    Clearly Jack, Tiger, Rory and you do. But if you spent a few years in the
    trenches with me, you would see most amateurs struggle to get it right.
    There’s room out there for all styles, but we’re trying to offer a simpler
    alternative for those who struggle. Maybe we’ll see your name up there with
    those guys someday. 🙂 Thanks for commenting. – Herman

  7. I am a 13 handicap. I switched to the overlap neutral grip after watching
    six videos by Herman Williams on grip and basic swing mechanics. The
    results have been awesome. I feel like a Pro. Very important to get the
    correct sized grips for your fingers and the correct lie angle after making
    this change. Best videos and less than $100 I ever spent. Immediate
    improvement. Thank You Mr. Williams.

  8. @MBGC14 thanks. There’s a little of this info in my video about Camilo
    Villegas’ impact position – it covers one piece takeaway and how to get to
    the top. Don’t try to do too much to create the hinge or you will likely
    cup your wrist and get floppy at the top.

  9. I’ve explained this in the video and elsewhere in these comments & website.
    Most players that aren’t highly skilled or carefully coached will not get
    the interlock grip positioned correctly. It’s a great grip when done right,
    but too many pitfalls for unsupervised players. Trying to bury the
    forefinger & pinky together at the base of the joint leads to weak left
    hand, strong right hand and potential knuckle & joint damage. It fits that
    average amateurs may do well to copy average Tour players.

  10. Working on this right as we speak and your video really helps!! I have
    always been a cupper and I can’t believe the stronger contact this has
    given me!! Great video series I appreciate your help!!

  11. Glad you found it … good luck and you might also check out my video on
    how to stop blocking golf shots if lag causes you to slice. – Herman

  12. I think you have a point. However, I cannot use a neutral grip as even with
    a flat wrist at the top I slice the ball. With a standard grip the flat
    wrist at the top does help me extend my right side through impact. Plus,
    you sacrifice distance with a neutral grip (with me it’s 10-15 yards per
    club). I need the “V”s both pointed to my right shoulder to square up at
    impact. Left wrist flattening during BS does REALLY help though! I added
    5-20 yds per club as I was bleeding power with cupped wrist.

  13. You need more lag. Try driving the butt of the club at the target longer to
    delay when the back of the hand turns into the ball. You can also try
    keeping the crease of the elbow of your trailing arm facing the sky just
    prior to impact (right elbow into the body for right-handed golfer). When
    the trailing elbow rolls out early, the face will close too soon.

  14. Thanks for the update – kudos for following step by step. That’s where most
    people get in trouble. You can’t just start somewhere in the middle of the
    swing. Go back thru each stage of grip and setup to be sure the foundation
    is good, then start building in the rest of your changes one at a time in a
    logical sequence and pretty soon you’ve got a good golf swing. Thanks for
    watching and commenting.

  15. Help! Since the left wrist and hand do not start out flat at set up, how
    the heck can I have a flat wrist/hand at impact without closing the club?
    Every time I try to reach impact with a flat left hand I hook my shots
    horribly. Thanks.

  16. Herman, Thanks so much I checked my grip 1st and i noticed i wasnt holding
    the club correct in the left hand( cross fingers and under pad) like you
    mentioned I went right out in the yard and fixed the grip to (neutral) and
    gripped like you said and just thought swing and tried to focus on left
    wrist flat ( as i could) and BAMMMM!!! I was hitting SOLID, STRAIGHT,PURE
    golf shots! Thanks so much for keeping it simple and going thru the steps
    to get it corrected. I cannot wait to take it to course!

  17. @whodat2010 Thanks for checking in and telling us about your success. Glad
    the video helped you. It’s not for everyone but for most people they will
    find what you did … firmer, more predictable set at the top leads to more
    consistency in shots with a better ability to square the face.

  18. he’s right, cupping the wrists is the kiss of death. I have that problem
    mostly because of the interlocking grip wit h the way the pinky’s pull at
    each other during the back swing. I hit the ball so much further using the
    baseball grip but got brainwashed into conforming into the interlocking
    because everyone else was doing it. I’ll try the overlap and pointing the
    left thumb up 12 o’clock

  19. When I looked at a video of myself I noticed I had a casting problem. I
    tried to create some lag and all of the sudden developed a huge slice. That
    led me to look up your video on casting which linked to this video on wrist
    position. Looking at the video this is exactly what my problem is! Can’t
    wait to finally fix my swing. Thanks a bunch.

  20. Herman, I received a 4 lesson package with you for my birthday. I wanted to
    find out more about you and found this YouTube page. I must say, this video
    inspired me to get out to the driving range and work on the tips in your
    videos. What do you know? The zero loft, 100 yd duck hooks were fixed after
    10 or so drives at the range. I’ve not even been think about driving it
    more than 100 yards in the last 6 months. Today I was hitting about 7 out
    of 10 balls into or over the net (~250 yds) Thanks!

  21. @secretogolf Great question. For well coordinated players I think this is
    fine … many Tour players are slightly cupped at the top but move into
    flat wrist condition on the way down and then actually strike with a
    slightly bowed left wrist at impact. Thanks for commenting.

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