Golf Lesson: The Most Important Lesson

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Ever think about what the most important lesson in golf would be? Most would say impact. If you're thinking this you're wrong. This tip explains what they most important lesson in golf actually is.

Once you understand it, you will see how important it is that you remember it and check it constantly.

Also, in this tip I show you a video that was sent in by a follower wondering how he could get more distance. In looking at his swing there is now way he would ever hit it any longer because he was not following the most important golf lesson.

Hitting the ball longer requires you to use your body not just your arms. Once this gentleman is in the right position he can then start using his body and will quickly start to hit the ball longer than ever.

Like I said, watch this video and remember it and constantly check it.

Please visit the link below to start learning a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing:

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Jay Moulton says:

Fantastic video Paul! Listen to Paul Wilson if you want to know how to swing a golf club and hit the ball 10% to 50% further. There is no question that Paul Wilson explains the golf swing in a comprehensive and simple way. I've been playing golf a long time swinging (no pun intended) between a 20 and 6 handicap. I never figured out how to hit it far until I watched and listened to Paul. Now I know. p.s. I don't personally know Paul Wilson and have never talked to him. But I study his videos! If you're serious about understanding the mechanics of a golf swing follow this guy.

GolfRules Questions says:

Very interesting, thank you.

Kevin Smyth says:

Won a prize last week for the first time. Never swung so easy. Never seen the ball going so far. I’m now committed to the body swing. If only there was an equivalent for putting!!!!

John S says:

Great info & video

chillaz3000 says:

Another great video Paul. Thanks for making this

Kurt Justin says:

Hey Paul.. R U in Mesquite

tef tef says:

This was a great tutorial…..explained simple..can’t wait to try it out

Rica Reid says:

I recently realized I had my back foot fanned out and did not know it. Now I can bring the back leg around to touch the front leg, something I was struggling with but couldn't figure out why.

Clorox Bleach says:

Hi Paul,

Thank you for providing such easy and wonderful golf instruction along. Would this be ok for juniors too? (age 13)

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