Golf Swing Setup: How to Setup for a Golf Shot – Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA

Go to for more details on the golf swing setup and how to setup for a golf shot. This video online golf lesson by Herman Williams, PGA Professional includes tips for getting a fundamental golf swing setup over a golf ball. Key points covered in the video include connection of the lead arm and how it must sit on the chest, proper shoulder alignment to avoid slicing, distance from the ball, posture and ball position. You will see greats like Tiger Woods and Adam Scott employ these same concepts as they setup to the golf ball.

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38 thoughts on “Golf Swing Setup: How to Setup for a Golf Shot – Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA

  1. Just one thing Herman, ‘Fanny’ means something very different in UK slang.
    Something not everyone would appreciate. But a good video nonetheless.

  2. Thanks Herman. I’ve now been Hermanized so much I’m getting dizzy. Kidding.
    Love the video and it’s the only video that talks about the left arm at
    address. I was one to where the right arm was over and thus had open
    shoulders at address. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for the video. Very specific on how the body should look and
    feel like. I looked at a lot of videos and there not specific, they just
    go through the golf swing and posture but do not explain things very well.

  4. You are a swing genius, period! Still looking for a quick tip to better my
    alignment (tend to aim right), but each of your videos always has hidden
    pearls here and there. I am glad i ve been Hermanized! 

  5. thanks Herman…I had a terrible case of the shanks Saturday….I remember
    when I am playing well a connected front arm to the pectoral….I will put
    this in my golf notes forever…

  6. Kent – thanks for comment. It’s amazing what a good setup can do for you.
    Makes everything else in golf swing easier to do. – Herman

  7. I tried this setup tip this weekend…I ended up a lot of straight iron
    shot….got a lot of GIRs…however, I did realize one thing…the butt end
    of the club seems to touch the ground “more” when I bended down from my
    behind…am I doing something wrong? thx! Herman!

  8. Hi Herman – I’ve recently started playing (less than two months into it)
    and always felt unsure of the distance that should be maintained from the
    ball at address – this video nails it!! I’ve been following this during the
    last three practice sessions and it has definitely made me feel more
    comfortable and confident at address and improved my hits 2x. Please keep
    the videos coming. Great job! Thanks.

  9. If you are a right-handed golfer, it is more important for the left arm to
    be on top of the chest. If you are a slicer or a caster, I generally want
    the right elbow “soft” in the setup and mildly tucked in so it appears the
    left arm sits farther out in the foreground.

  10. i couldn’t agree with you more!! miconceptions kill, i got down to a 1
    handicap, the less that i conciously tampered with my swing the better, and
    i always used to get that lefy arm on top of the chest, i felt like i was
    cheating because it felt like i had already fully turned! i was the example
    that herman used, high right arm, open hips… and i could nover quite
    figure out how it happened, i just kept fropping the right arm… this is
    gold, i wish that i knew this 2 years ago…

  11. just started to watch your videos i will try the set up.With your right arm
    more on top of your chest will this help to stay more connected in the golf
    swing like your style of instruction vic

  12. Hi Herman, great vid as usual. I was just wondering if you could give us
    your take on the connection of the upper arms throughout the golf swing and
    what you like to teach in relation to this? Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. That’s awesome … way to go. And you were smart to dedicate a week to just
    getting accustomed to the feel of it before taking it out to the course.
    That’s one of the best ways to achieve mastery vs. mediocrity. – Herman

  14. I’ve played golf for many years with a tendacy to space. I’ve never hit
    below 100 and I decided to change my setup and grip. I followed your setup
    and changed to your grip (I’ve always used the interlocking grip). I
    basically changed the whole setup of my swing by practicing the setup and
    grip in my family room for the past week without hitting a Golf ball.
    Today, I played using your setup and grip and I broke 100 for the first
    time in my life with straighter and further hits. Thank you.

  15. I assume you mean the heel is down and toe slightly up when you sole the
    club at address. If that’s it, I would not worry. That position will change
    in swing as toe of club will droop down more at impact due to natural
    downward bend in shaft.

  16. Yes … it’s a very slight amount though. Don’t overdo it. This slight
    forward press of hips helps keep weight distributed evenly … if
    everything tilted to the right you would have too much weight behind the
    ball starting out.

  17. Great video, especially the part about the left arm. I was never conscius
    of the right shoulder being forward but my setup created many shanks, since
    I have seen your tip about the left arm it allows me to have a soft right
    arm and keeps my shoulders square, Thank you are the first professional
    that has mentioned this, very well explained.

  18. Wow that’s a great video really awesome and so true this how everyone
    should teach the beginning golfer even all skill levels ur a great teacher
    hope to see u soon

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