We take a look at how long it takes for golf clubs to lose their hype price and get down to their functional value a piece of equipment that we use to hit a golf ball with.

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  1. So difficult finding 'new' 4year old clubs In stock ANYWHERE……

    I currently use the TaylorMade M2 driver and irons, available now for £250 and £350 for the irons….fantastic clubs for the price????

  2. Bought a KingF7 driver at 130euro and thought that was a steal. Its practically a demo model. The guy supposidly only used it one season and I can believe it was less than tbag. But North east Germany is a bit of a thin second hand market.

  3. Hi Simon hope all is well at home. Not sure if you will pick this enquiry up soon but i am looking at buying a new Benross aerodriver. Any advice etc?

  4. I got my ‘17 M1 460 tour head back in 2019 off of ebay and never looked back. Love the higher pitched thwack and the higher frequency vibration delivered thru B. Asha 4S. Tried all the new drivers up to SIM2, Epic, G425 but M1 is not leaving my bag any time soon.

  5. I have been playing the 17 GBB Epic for 3 years. Today, I hit it 308 metres, middle of the Fairway. Nothing I have tested in the past 2 years has beaten it.

  6. what do you think about Ping G10 clubs? I'm getting ready for the up coming season. i have newer and older Ping clubs but i keep going back to the g10. i have every g10 club they made 3 thru lob plus every hybrid 1 thru 6 and every loft of driver 7.5 to 13 degree plus all the fairway woods 3 thru 9. my question is what should i put in my bag? i hit them all very well. i shoot in the low 80's the driver i use depends on the weather and the wind. my putter is a scotty cameron golo

  7. I'm sorry if this isn't the place to ask this question but if someone knows the answer that would really help me out. I have read online in a few different forums that lengthening project x steel shafts makes them play STIFFER than they do in standard length. I highlight stiffer because that is the opposite of what would be expected to happen(I think). I know you can't just believe everything you read online but you also can't just ignore everything either. Does anyone 100% know the answer to this question, specifically for project x shafts. The people saying this in the forums are pointing out the opposite happens with normal shafts so they don't seem to be completely clueless. I also apologize in advance for posting this question twice but I am going to. Any specific details would be appreciated like if you know how much it increases or decreases flex but really I just want to know the effect so I can decide between 5.5 and 6.0. If they get more stiff I need 5.5, if they get less stiff I need 6.0.

  8. Enjoyed the vid, but the prices are crazy. Can get last years King Cobra SZ brand new for the same price as a lot of these second hand, especially the Callaway Epic

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